How can a grandparent get access to the parent portal?

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In some situations, a grandparent may need access to the same information and permissions in the Parent Portal that a parent would have. There are a few steps to take to ensure that grandparents have parent portal access. 

While they do not need to have custody, the role of 'parent' must be added in order to create the grandparent's user account. The 'parent' role should be removed once the account is created.

In order to grant portal access, perform the following steps:

  1. Flag Parent Portal Access on the relationship record of grandparent to student.
    • This can be easily accessed on the student's Related People tab on their person record  
  2. Add the security role of Parent to the grandparent.
    • Add this through the grandparent's Security Admin detail, which can be accessed through the Identity & Access Management homepage.  
  3. Ensure that the grandparent is a member of the parent portal.
    • On the portal record for the Parent Portal, this can be checked on the Enabled tab or added on the Manually Added tab.