Homepage and Contract Text Configuration in Online (Re)Enrollment

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Text on the ORE Homepage and certain Contract sections are configurable through the home or contract editor tool and ORE related text templates. For the (Re)Enrollment homepage, schools may add their own custom welcome text and edit any of the introductory texts for each of their enrollment components. Introductory text to certain sections within the enrollment contract may also be edited. Text configuration within these two areas of ORE/OE are introductory text changes only. There are other text elements which dynamically pull in information from the system such as enrollment amounts, HPU forms, policy forms, etc. Because these are dynamic sections, schools may specify what they would like each section to say and Veracross will update the text section.

The following describes the text configuration options for the Enrollment homepage and the Contract.

Enrollment Homepage

Enrollment homepage text elements are edited using the template version of the homepage. This template is accessed from the “Edit Home” field on the Online Enrollment homepage > Online Enrollment Config/Online Re-Enrollment Config > General tab. Clicking this link will open the template version of the homepage from which introductory text for each component can be added or edited.

To change the title of each component, click on the header. To add or change introductory text, click the “Edit” button to display the text box. Text boxes support Markdown syntax, which means some basic formatting such as headers, adding links, lists, etc. can be included in the text box. Click on the “How to Format” button in the upper right corner of each text box to view basic Markdown syntax options.

Schools can manage the review process for changes to homepage text through the Home tab on the Online Re-Enrollment Config/Online Enrollment Config detail screen. The publishing status for each component on the homepage may be switched from “Disabled,” “Needs Review,” “Approved,” or “Approved + Locked.” This publishing status will reflect accordingly in the Homepage editor tool.

Contract Sections

Text sections on the Enrollment Contract can also be updated using the contract editor tool. Introductory text to sections such as the student profile, enrollment amounts, tuition payment plans, or optional extras can be edited from the “Edit Contract” field on the Online Enrollment homepage > Online Enrollment Config/Online Re-Enrollment Config > General tab. This link will open the template version of the contract from which changes can be made to certain sections. Text such as payment plan descriptions within the “Tuition Payment Plans” contract section are dynamic and must be entered by Veracross. Contact your Account Manager if you would like changes made to these areas of the contract or Enrollment homepage.

Because the Contract is a binding agreement between parents and the school, it is important that changes to the text of the Contract are reviewed before being released to parents. It is also important that changes are not made to the contract text once it is made public to parents. The contract text editor facilitates this review process by adding a flag to all areas of the Contract that have been approved , approved + locked , or disabled. Similar to the Home tab, the Contract tab on the Online Enrollment Config/Online Re-Enrollment Config detail screen is where the publishing status is managed for each section. Schools can change the publishing status to indicate on the editor which sections are open for editing and which are closed. Text can still be changed after a Contract section has been approved, but it will need to go through the approval process again. When the contract section text has been approved and no more changes should take place, schools can change the publishing status on the contract section to “Approved + Locked.” No further text changes can be made to a section from the template editor once it has been locked.

Text Templates

There are three pages within the ORE/OE context in which text can be added or changed through text templates. Although there are separate Text Templates tab on the Online Re-Enrollment Config and Online Enrollment Config detail screen, these templates are shared between the two contexts. Any changes made to a text template in one context will be applied to the other.

Enrollment Contract Status Footer/Header

The two “Enrollment_Contract_Status” text templates appear on the contract status page. This page is visible to parents after they have signed the contract. It presents a summary of their current state in the (Re)Enrollment process. Text can be added to the top and bottom of this page through each corresponding text template.

Enrollment Payment Summary Footer/Header

The two “Enrollment_Payment_Summary” text templates appear on the payment summary page. This page is visible to parents when they click on “Pay Enrollment Deposits” from the Enrollment homepage. Text can be added to the top and bottom of this page through each corresponding text templates.

Enrollment Withdraw Main Footer/Header

The two “Enrollment_Withdraw_Main” text templates appear on the Withdrawal form, if it is enabled at the school. This page is accessed from the Enrollment homepage and presents a form in which parents can indicate they are withdrawing and provide a reason. Header and footer text, such as important follow-up information for the withdrawing families, can be added to this page through the “Enrollment_Withdraw_Main” text templates.

Changes Through Axiom

Re-Enrollment/Enrollment Unavailable Message

The Unavailable Message field is what is displayed when a parent attempts to access re-enrollment/enrollment and doesn’t have access to it. By default, this is set to read: “You do not have permission to administer online enrollment for any eligible students”. To change this message, be sure that it is done for both online enrollment and online re-enrollment, is this field is not shared between them.

These configuration pages can be accessed on the Online Enrollment homepage in the Core Configuration section. Alternately, click on either of the links below:

  • For Enrollment Configuration, click here.
  • For Re-Enrollment Configuration, click here.


To change the currency type on a contract, navigate to the Online Enrollment homepage and click on the Online Enrollment or Online Re-Enrollment configuration screen in the Core Configuration section. In the currency field, update this to the currency that should populate the field and click Update. A list of acceptable currencies can be found in the following table:

USDUnited States Dollar
JPYJapanese Yen
BGNBulgarian Lev
CZKCzech Koruna
DKKDanish Krone
GBPPound Sterling
HUFHungarian Forint
LTLLithuanian Litas
LVLLatvian Lats
PLNPolish Zloty
RONNew Romanian Leu
SEKSwedish Krona
CHFSwiss Franc
NOKNorwegian Krone
HRKCroatian Kuna
RUBRussian Ruble
TRYTurkish Lira
AUDAustralian Dollar
CADCanadian Dollar
CNYChinese Yuan Renminbi
HKDHong Kong Dollar
IDRIndonesian Rupee
INRIndian Rupee
KRWSouth Korean Won
MXNMexican Peso
MYRMalaysian Ringgit
NZDNew Zealand Dollar
PHPPhilippene Peso
SGDSingapore Dollar
THBThai Baht
ZARSouth African Rand
AEDUnited Arab Emirates Dirham
VNDVietnamese Dong