Hiding Student Schedules from the Parent/Student Portal

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Schools typically want to hide a student’s class schedule from the parent and student portal over the summer while finalizing student schedules. This enables schools to organize for the upcoming school year and enroll students in classes, while communicating scheduling information with parents and students on the timetable that they prefer.

What is Hidden

Disabling student schedules prevents both the class list from showing up for each student(s) and also disables their PDF schedule link. It also disables the class filters in the My Classes directory and prevents any students from being displayed here.


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You can choose to disable student schedules from the parent and student portals on a grade level basis. To do this, navigate to the “Grade Levels” query found under the “Configuration” column on the System homepage. From the Grade Level query, find the “Enable Portal Schedules” checkbox next to the grade level(s) whose class schedules you wish to hide and uncheck this box. After setting each checkbox appropriately, click “Update” at the top of the query to save your changes.

As soon as these settings are saved, parents and students will no longer be able to see student schedules. To re-enable student schedules, check off “Enable Portal Schedules” for the appropriate grade levels and update the query.

Note: In order to be consistent, the process above also suppresses any hidden schedule data from the Veracross API.