Health Module Overview

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The Veracross Health Module allows schools to track, manage, update, and schedule all health related events and information. Through one homepage, the school nurse and system administrators can manage medical visits and screenings, track medications and immunizations, and view any medical conditions. All medical information can be easily added to the student, faculty, and staff records that already exist in the system.

Health Homepage

The Health homepage provides quick links to student, faculty, and staff patient records, find and add medical visits, student medication information, and other medical records. Daily reportssuch as Recent Visits, Today’s Meds to Administer, and Today’s Meds can also be accessed from this homepage to facilitate the daily operations of the health office.


The queries found on the Health homepage are Health Module specific. Customizing these queries on the Health homepage allows the school nurse to quickly and easily access the desired patient record.

The most notable difference between the Health homepage queries and other standard Veracross homepage queries is the ‘Find Students’ and ‘Find Faculty/Staff’ queries. Records returned from these queries are patient records containing their medical information.


Health information tracked in the system is protected based on security roles. The three security roles that have access to the Health Module are: Medical_1, Medical_2, and SysAdmin_1. Limiting access to health records ensures that confidential and sensitive health information remains private and protected from all school visibility.

Most fields on health related records are protected from all school visibility by the above listed security roles. However, there are a few fields that are visible to all school constituents. These fields are meant to be used to communicate general health information about a student, such as known allergies, medications, and other medical notes, that school faculty and staff other than the health office may need to know. They are located on the patient detail screen and on the emergency contact tab of a student record. Learn more about these fields.

Health Module Records

The Health Module has been designed specifically to allow school nurses to be an active part of the data entry process for health information. Because health data is often sensitive, it is important that school nurses are familiar with each student’s record. By controlling the data entry process themselves, school nurses can review the information as it is received from parents, ensure it is accurately entered into the system, and know where to access this information again if needed. To help nurses manage this multitude of data, there are a number of health data records that can be added or queried from the Health homepage. These records include:

  1. Patient Detail Screen
  2. Medical Visits
  3. Student Medical Condition
  4. Student Medication
  5. Student Immunization
  6. Medical Provider
  7. Physical Exams

Each of these records are explained in more detail in their own articles. Click on the link to learn more information about how to query and add each record.


Schools can also customize the Health Module according to their individual health data needs. Symptom codes, condition codes, intervention codes, disposition codes, immunizations, and medications can be added directly from the Health homepage. Medical visit templates can also be customized to minimize the data entry required by the school. Learn more about how to customize information tracked in the Health module.