Frequently Asked Questions about the Health Module

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This article serves as a location to see answers for commonly asked questions about the Veracross Health module.

Do Medical Visits Integrate with Attendance?

If the primary disposition code has been set to ‘Sent Home,’ then the student’s early dismissal time on the Master Attendance will update to the Time Out (or Time In if no Time Out is specified) of the medical visit. For the early dismissal time to update when the ‘Sent Home’ code is selected, the early dismissal time must be blank.

No other disposition code will update the Master or Class Attendance.

Do Medical Visits Integrate with ‘Where is Student Now?’

If the time-in is specified on a student medical visit, but no time out has been entered, then the student’s “Where is Student Now?” status will reflect that he/she is in the health office.

How are Medical Files Protected from School-Wide Visibility?

When a health document is uploaded to the File tab on a Patient’s record using the File Upload application, the school nurse will be prompted to select a file type to classify the document. Selecting the appropriate file type will limit the visibility of the file according to the security roles specified for that particular file type. The file type: Health should be selected to ensure that the health document being uploaded is accessible only by those with the authorized security role.

The file type: Health is not a standard type in the File Upload application, but it can be easily added using the ‘File Security’ link.

  • Select the  next to the “File Security” link under the System Configuration section on the System homepage. This will open a New File Classification record.
  • Enter the name of the file type in the Description field (i.e. Health).
  • Navigate to the Security tab and select the security roles that should have access to the health files (i.e. Medical 1 and Medical 2).
  • Add the File Classification.
  • This classification will now appear in the File Type drop-down menu on the File Upload application.

How are Physical Exams Entered and Tracked using the Health Module?

Physical exams are entered into the system using Individual Events. When the event is added, the event type ‘HLTH: Physical’ must be selected in order for it to be tracked as a physical exam. An individual event can be added either from the student’s record or through the ‘Add an Individual Event’ link found on the system homepage. Learn more information about adding physical exams.

Follow-up information can also be tracked on the physical exam record under the ‘Follow-Up section.’ When the follow-up has been completed, check the ‘F/U Complete’ checkbox.

To view a list of expired physical exams, run the ‘Expired Physical Exams’ report. This will display a list of all student’s whose physical exams have expired and the expiration date.

Does the Health Module help Track Immunizations that are Out of Compliance?

The Health module does not automatically track out of compliance immunization records, but the school nurse can manage immunization records individually. Each student immunization record can be marked as ‘Out of Compliance’ with the schools policies and requirements. Checking the ‘Out of Compliance’ box simply means “Yes – this immunization is not in compliance with the school’s policy/requirements.”

All out of compliance immunizations can be searched for using the ‘Find Person Immunization’ query. Use the ‘Out of Compliance’ criteria to narrow the query to search for all student immunization records with out of compliance marked ‘Yes.’

Are Parents Notified when their Child has Visited the Health Office?

The school nurse can decide per medical visit whether the parent(s) should be notified or not. When the school nurse submits a medical visit record, they will have the option to select ‘Email Visit Result.’ If this box is checked, an email will automatically be sent with the details of the medical visit to the parental email specified.

Medical Visit email templates can be updated using the ‘Email Template’ link on the System Homepage.