Health Information Document (HID) Configuration

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Health Information is a generic document designed specifically to display available health information to parents via Household Profile Update. This article details all of the customizable features available to a school.

The document’s content is highly customizable on a per-school basis. Schools should communicate with their Account Manager to request customizations, which are made by Veracross engineers.

Document Defaults

Show Confidential Data: True
Note: This displays medical conditions and medications that have been marked in Veracross as Confidential


The Medical Data Visibility options only address visibility for users within Axiom. Toggling this to one of the 3 privacy settings will not prevent the any of the fields from showing on the Health Information Document. To modify what is displaying on the Health Information Document, a school must contact their account manager to have the given field withheld from view.

Header Boxes

Each box, in addition to the following options, can be hidden from the document. Box 2, by default, is hidden.

Box 1 Label: General
Box 2 Label: Doctor
Box 3 Label: Insurance

Box 1 Fields

Date of Birth
Blood Type

Box 2 Fields

Doctor Name
Doctor Phone

Box 3 Fields

Medical ID
Group Number
Subscriber Number

Dental Insurer
Dental Group Number
Dental Subscriber Number
(dental fields off by default)


Notes Fields

Note #1: Allergies

Show: True
Label: Allergies Symptoms

Note #2: Medications

Show: True
Label: Current Medications

Note #3: Medical

Show: True
Label: General Medical Notes

Note #4: Medications Allowed (At Bottom of Document)

Show: True
Label: Medications Allowed

Medical Conditions

Show: True
Label: Conditions

Mark as Critical: True
Mark as Confidential: True


Show: True

Condition Code: True
Intervention Code: True
Disposition Code: True


Show: True

Medical Provider Name: True
Medical Provider Phone: True
Health Care Organization Name: True
Health Care Organization Phone: True

Notes: True
Show Medications Associated with Condition: True


Show: True
Label: Other Medications

Mark as Critical: True
Mark as Confidential: True

General Cycle: True
Dosage Instruction: True
Medication Date: True


Show: True
Label: Immunizations

Mark as Critical: True
Mark as Confidential: True

Dose Number: True
Actual Date: True
Vaccine Used: True
Dosage Amount: True
Out Of Compliance: True
Verified Complete: True
Exemption: True

Health Information Document Review

Require a family to review their Medical Information Document

It is possible to require families to review their health information document as a part of online enrollment/re-enrollment.

This is done through adding a required enrollment checklist item with the system type of ‘Health Info Reviewed’. To do this

  • Navigate to the Add button on the Online Enrollment homepage
  • Select the option “Enrollment Checklist”
  • Fill out the description & applies from/to grade or any other filters
  • Choose the system type of “Health Info Reviewed” and mark the checklist item as required.

The Family’s Experience

After the checklist item is added, a family will see this functionality while reviewing their HPU form as a part of online enrollment/re-enrollment. At the bottom of the Household Profile update form, there will be a link to that redirects them to the Review Medical Information screen. Because this update form is based on the household, marking that the information is accurate will translate across all children in said household.

As always, on the Medical Information screen, they can add a new request if the information is incorrect. Once their review is done, they can select the option “Child’s information is correct: return to Family Update”. After that, the option to confirm the information in the HPU form is available for selection.