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Track visits, immunizations, emergency contacts and other important information with our Health module! Learn more about it here.


Health Configuration Overview
Given the sensitive nature of health information, it is important that school nurses have control over the data being added and updated. For this reason, information added and tracked in the Health Module is customizable according to each school’s health data needs.
Health Kiosk Overview
The Health Kiosk, typically set up on a dedicated computer in the Health Office at a school, provides an easy method for students to check themselves in (or have an adult help them) for a medical visit.
Health Module Overview
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Overview The Veracross Health Module allows schools to track, manage, update, and schedule all health related events and information. Through one homepage, the school nurse and...
Emergency Profile Document
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Overview The Emergency Profile Document provides staff and administrators the ability to see and print an overview of a student’s basic health data, including commonly...
Emergency Contacts
Overview Veracross supports tracking emergency contacts for Students. Students may have many emergency contacts. Parents and medical providers are designated automatically as such, and schools can add as many additional emergency contacts as needed...
Frequently Asked Questions about the Health Module
This article serves as a location to see answers for commonly asked questions about the Veracross Health module.
Health Information Document (HID) Configuration
Health Information is a generic document designed specifically to display available health information to parents via Household Profile Update. This article details all of the customizable features available to a school.
Managing Student Immunizations
Immunization information can be added and tracked per student. Any student’s immunization information can be searched using the “Find Person Immunization” query on the Health homepage. To view a specific student’s immunization record from the query results, click the “View Detail” link in the “Detail” column.
Managing Student Medical Conditions
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Information regarding a student’s medical condition can be added and updated through the student medical condition record. To find a student’s medical condition, u...
Managing Student Medications
Medication that needs to be administered or held for students can be tracked in the Veracross Health Module by adding a student medication record. This allows the nurse to keep track of details regarding medications a student is currently taking, such as how often and when they need to be administered, as well as the dosage for the medication.
Managing Student Physical Exams
Physical exams are tracked in Veracross using individual events. This allows a school to track multiple physical exam dates for one student as opposed to tracking only the most recent physical exam.
Medical Provider Configuration
Medical providers, both school specific and public providers, can be linked to patient records by adding them as a medical provider in the database.
Medical Visit Email Templates
The results of medical visits can be automatically emailed to parents — read more about medical visits here. Schools have the ability to modify the template that is used to generate the email. To access the template, click the “System Email Templates” under System Configuration on the System Homepage.
Patient Detail Screens
Every person in the system has a corresponding patient record. The patient record is accessible only through the ‘Find Student’ and ‘Find Faculty/Staff’ queries on the Health homepage.
Tracking and Administering Medications
A number of health information reports are available under the Today section on the Health homepage. School nurses can use these reports to quickly view medications they need to administer for that day, view medical visits that have been requested by a student through the health kiosk, etc.
Tracking Medical Visits and Screenings
Medical visits can be used by the school nurse to track student visits to the health office. These records integrate with attendance notes, and can also be used to add and track medical screenings that might be required by the school.
Tracking Medical Visits via the Online Kiosk
The Health Kiosk is a feature of the Health module which the school nurse can use to track students who are coming to the health office for medical attention. Students can sign themselves into the nurse’s office using the kiosk, which automatically creates a medical visit record the school nurse can use during the student’s visit.
COVID-19 Screening Form
You can create a COVID-19 screening form in your parent portal — for parents to complete on behalf of their children — and teacher portal — for staff and faculty to complete for themselves — that is configurable and has queryable results.