Groups, Email, & SMS

Tackle managing emails, SMS messages, and group communication by reading these articles.


SMS/Text Messaging Overview
Sending text messages (SMS) is possible from within Veracross by using Communication Channels and Composer.
Advanced Report Creation
In these cases, it may be necessary to combine groups together, or perhaps exclude a small group from a larger set of combined groups. Advanced reports are designed to serve this exact purpose.
Email Delivery Statuses and Resolutions
When emails are sent using a Veracross distribution list (e.g., Veracross will automatically record each individual email that is sent to the people on the distribution list along with the individual email delivery status.
Email Open Tracking
Open tracking is feature in the Veracross mail server which tracks whether an individual recipient has opened a particular email that was delivered via a Veracross distribution list.
Person-Communication Detail Screen
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Overview Schools can monitor email activity on a person-by-person basis using the Person Communication detail screen. This detail screen contains information regarding general c...
Preventing Unwanted Emails
Schools can configure Veracross to determine what communications options parents can set.
Removing People from the Bounce/Spam List
This article and video provides step-by-step instruction for how to remove people from the Bounce List or the Spam List in Axiom.
School Cancellations, Delayed Openings, and Early Dismissals Communications
In these situations, it is important to communicate directly with people about these changes. Detailed below are some useful workflows to help you facilitate this communication.
School-Defined Groups
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Overview A group is a collection of people with common attributes, e.g., Students by School Level, Alumni by Graduation Year, and Classes by Grade Level. There may be thousands ...
Welcome Email Configuration
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Overview The following are some basic ideas to help you get started with your User Account related email templates. You can edit these as you see fit in Axiom on the System Home...
Troubleshooting Emails
Occasionally, schools will hear from parents who did not receive an email they should have received.
Using Standard Merge Fields in Email
Both Composer and email distribution lists support merge fields. This feature works in similar fashion to a mail merge in that merge fields can be embedded in an email using the syntax {vc:field_name}.
Template Formatting for System Emails
There are a variety of email templates that can be configured for sending communication to various constituent groups.