Group Event Management

Learn about managing all aspects of Groups Events in Veracross — from attendance tracking to copying.


Group Event Management Overview
Group events may be added from several homepages in Axiom, including the main homepage, school levels, calendar, and system homepage.
Attendance Tracking in Group Events
Group events are integrated with student attendance through two types of fields on the group event detail screen: time fields and attendance status fields.
Email Communication for Group Events
The Communication tab on each Event has a number of tools to help manage event communications.
Entry and Copying Options for Group Events
There are three different ways that schools can input calendar events into Veracross: Manual Entry, Copy Events to the Next School Year and the Event Importer Tool.
Group Event Detail Screens
There are seven different types of group event detail screens in Veracross. Each is displayed with a different detail screen.
Individual Events
Individual events are records of an interaction between a department in the school and a person or organization and are used to track the progression of the relationship toward the end goal of a department.
Managing Event Types for Group Events
Group Events always have a Group Event Type specified which determines what that event will look like and its functionality in the system. To review your Event Types go to the Event Types link on the System homepage.
Use Individual Events to Track COVID-19 Cases
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Overview Individual events are used to track interactions with people. They are created and updated automatically as part of group event attendance, admission inquiries, and m...