Group Event Detail Screens

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There are seven different types of group event detail screens in Veracross. Each is displayed with a different detail screen. Many have a number of elements in common, but are configured to display the most relevant information based on the event type.

  • “Normal” events (School Events, Meetings, etc)
  • Simple Events (Open House, No School Day, etc)
  • Athletic Event (Games, Practices, etc)
  • Athletic Game: Multi-Opponent Games (Tournaments)
  • Admissions Visit for tracking logistic and participation (for Admissions Offices)
  • Development Event (Appeals, Fundraiser, etc)
  • Parent Teacher Conferences (for tracking parent teacher conference data)

Group Event Detail Screens

The following are screenshot examples of the General tab of each type of detail screen. Click an image to see what is displayed on the General tab, as well as the available tabs for that type of event record. Note that not all tabs may be available to your school (e.g., event registration tabs will only be available if your school has the Event Registration module).

Note that the URL of the detail screen will reflect the type of detail screen being viewed. For example:


“Normal” and Simple Events

“Normal” and “simple” events can be created to encompass any number of school events.

“Normal” Events (School Events, Meetings, etc.)

A normal event contains all the possible fields.

Simple Events (Open House,  No School Day, etc.)

A simple event has fewer tabs and fields, reflecting the less complex nature of the event.

Specific Events

The following event types are specific to athletics, admissions, development, and PTC users.

Athletic Event (Games, Practices, etc)


Athletic Game: Multi-Opponent/Multi-Team Games (Tournaments)

Admissions Visit (for Admissions Offices)

Development Event (Appeals, Fundraisers, etc.)

Parent Teacher Conferences