Granting Substitute Teacher Permissions

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A feature of the Employment Module is the ability to automatically grant substitute teachers temporary class permissions when they are indicated as the substitute for a class on a given day. This gives them access to the classes in their Teacher Portal so they can take attendance, see class assignments and the gradebook, etc. The substitute needs to already have a user account in Veracross with a faculty security role. Read more about managing user accounts.

Select Substitute to Trigger Class Permissions

Indicate the substitute teacher on the faculty member’s attendance record. Specify a substitute for all classes in the header, or for individual classes in the input grid.

First, find the appropriate attendance detail screen by running a  Find Staff/Faculty Master Attendance query on the Attendance homepage.

On the attendance screen, specify a substitute for all classes or for individual classes:

  • For all classes, check “Yes” for the Substitute Required field in the detail screen header, enter the name of the substitute in the Substitute field, and then Update . Note that the substitute is automatically filled in for all classes in the input grid.
  • For an individual class, select a substitute in the input grid and then click Update .

When Permissions Are Added and Removed

Permissions are added for the substitute teacher immediately if the coverage date is {today}. If the coverage date is in the future, the permissions are added the night before the coverage date. Permissions are removed automatically in the nightly script after the coverage date has passed.