Granting Accounting (VCA) Access

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The actual granting of VCA access is done by the Account Manager, but the school should ensure that the person already exists in Veracross as a staff or faculty, has a user account, and has the security role Business_1. Once these criteria are met, the school should contact its Account Manager to grant the user VCA access.

Add a Person and Create Their VC User Account

If the person does not already exist in Veracross, the first step is to add them. If they already exist, simply create their user account.

  1. Create the person record: Navigate to the Main or System homepage, hover over Add , and select Add a Person. Enter all information for the person, and on the Rolestab, give them the role of Staff or Faculty.
  2. Create the user’s account: From any tab of the persons’s record, click the Action menu  and select Create VC User Account.

Apply the Appropriate Security Role(s)

To add the appropriate security role(s), navigate to the System homepage, and under User Accounts click Faculty & Staff Accounts. This link runs a query; to modify the results, click Design to specify criteria and re-run the query. Read more about queries in Axiom.

From the query results, click the Security Admin or Username link to display the Security Admin detail screen.

The General tab displays the user’s security roles. To add or remove a security role, navigate to the Security Roles tab. In the left column, click Primary Staff Roles and then click Business_1 to apply that security role to the user.

Optionally, apply supplemental roles as well. Click Supplemental Roles to expand the options, and then click on any desired ones to apply to the user. Read more about security roles.

Once the security roles have been applied, click the Action menu and select Update Impersonation Permissions. This allows administrators to be able to impersonate the user. Read more about impersonating users.

When done, click Update  to apply the changes.

Contact Your VCA Account Manager

Once the user exists as a staff or faculty, has a VC account created, and has the Business_1security role, contact your VCA Account Manager to grant them VCA access, as well as create the new user’s workspaces (see next).

Creating Workspaces

After an account has been created, the Veracross Accounting Account Manager creates the user’s personal workspace and grants access to shared workspaces. Send the exact username (usually firstname.lastname) to your Veracross Accounting Account Manager to initiate the process.

Shared workspaces are shared only with the school. Below, all the System workspaces contain all queries used by all schools. All queries that a school should need are located in the Shared workspaces. Queries can be saved by Account Managers and individual users into both their own personal folder, as well as shared folders. Read more about workspaces in Axiom.