Graduation Credit Check

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As a student progresses through a school toward the goal of graduation, it is important that the school adequately communicate how many credits must be earned to meet the graduation requirements. Moreover, it is helpful for registrars, advisors, and other faculty members to be able to easily view how many credits a student has earned in a certain subject as well as how many are in progress or still need to be earned. This information can be accessed via Axiom in a few ways.

Setting the Credits Required Amount

Typically this feature only applies to Upper School subjects, as those are the only ones being counted towards graduation requirements. For each subject, setting the Credits Required amount dictates the number of credits required in that subject for a student to qualify for graduation. Any classes under courses associated with that subject deduct from that amount once the earned credit has been administered at the class’s conclusion.

To set the Credits Required amount, navigate to the System homepage and select Subject List under the Configuration section. Find the Subject description and edit the Credits Required box. Click Update Records to save changes.

Tip: If you are updating multiple subjects at once for graduation requirement purposes, it may be helpful to narrow your query to only viewing Upper School subjects.

Credit Report

The Credit Report is a query results page that details the up-to-date requirements that a given student must complete in order to qualify for graduation. This report can be accessed in two ways.

Credit Report Tab: On a student detail screen, select the Credit Report tab in the Reports section. This is a feature that is not automatically available to all schools, so please contact your account manager for more information.

On a Transcript: On a Find Transcripts query, there is a column labeled Credits Required. Click the number, which represents the number of credits a student will need after completion of the active school year.

Fields on the Credit Report

Subject: This displays any subject for which the number of credits required is greater than 0.

Credits Required: As noted above, this figure can be adjusted for the subject on the Subject List Query.

Credits Earned: This number is a sum of all posted transcript items in the subject.

Credits Scheduled: This number is all the credits a student has scheduled for the current year and future. May count some credits that have already been earned until Transcripts have been posted.

Credits Will Need: This number is the credits needed but not currently scheduled or posted. This number should help registrars and/or advisors plan student schedules and course requests