Classes and Grading Configuration

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Learn about proper configuration of classes and grading structures here.


Assigning Faculty Type
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Overview Veracross allows each school to define its own way of categorizing its faculty and staff, often by the type of work they perform, using the field ‘Faculty Type...
Configuring Assignment Groups for Courses
Assignment Groups allow you to add assignments across classes of different courses where you are the primary teacher using the “Applies to All Sections” flag on the assignment.
Configuring Assignment Types
Assignment types used by teachers in the gradebook can be obsoleted in Axiom, and a request can be made to add new ones on a school-wide basis.
Configuring Classes
Schools have the ability to manage, control, and display various options available to a teacher/class. There are a number of configuration options that enable different kinds of functionality in the teacher, student, and parent portals.
Curriculum Comments
Curriculum comments are comments specific to a grading period, rubric, or rubric category that are stored on a class record. These comments are designed to allow teachers to provide an overview of what a class is focusing on that will appear on the report cards of all students in the class.
GPA Configuration
Schools often have different definitions for their GPA, which requires us to create custom GPAs for each school. Review the information below to configure a custom GPA for your school.
GPA Troubleshooting Document
The GPA Troubleshooting document is a modifiable document designed to allow users to look at an individual student’s grades and understand how the student’s GPA is calculated.
Grade Conversion Scales
Grade Conversion Scales are configured for each school from the System Homepage. This report displays all scale levels for each grade conversion scale.
Learning Management System Quick Start Guide for Teachers
This articles provides training videos for teachers to learn about the Veracross learning management (LMS) system. Within the portals, you have they ability to build out and manage your class content and determine what is visible and available to parents and student.
Setting Exam Type & Weighting
Some schools give students exams either once a year or each term. Here are the different ways teachers can give exams, how to indicate which classes take exams, and how to set those exam weights in Veracross.
Term & Final Grade Calculation
This serves as an FAQ for scenarios that may arise when calculating term grades and final grades.
How can faculty know what the rubric scale proficiency levels represent?
Hovering your mouse over the rubric criteria displays a tooltip with additional information about the rubric scale proficiency levels. Faculty can see rubric scale proficiency levels for rubric criteria assigned to their classes for the gr...
What security roles can edit class curriculum records?
In order to edit class curriculum records, users must have one of the following security roles: Division_Head_1 Division_Head_ 2 Division_Head_ 3 SysAdmin_1 Faculty_1 Faculty_ 2 Faculty_ 3 ...
What security roles allow access to the Website Configuration section of a class detail record?
Only users with System Administrator security roles (SysAdmin_1 or SysAdmin_2) can access this information. ...
Can we add our own grade statuses?
Grade statuses are linked to the backend database and must be added/updated by our Veracross engineering team.  To have a grade status updated/added, please submit a ticket to our Client Portal with the name of the new grade status, what fla...
Can I roll a school year forward for a class?
No, it is not possible to update the school year after it's been created — classes need to be created manually or through the Veracross import tool using class import type. For more information on this, please read the Class Data Impor...
Can I add or edit Course Types?
All course types are standard in Veracross and can not be configured. Learn more about Course Configuration .
Configuring the Student Assignment Submission Interface
An overview of how to configure the student assignment submission interface used in the student portal.