Gradebook Overview

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There is a lot of data that goes into managing assignments and scores for every student across an entire term and school year. The Gradebook provides teachers with a robust way of managing this data by simplifying the assignment workflow, increasing flexibility with displaying assignments to parents and students, facilitating communication between students, parents, and more. It enables teachers to increase productivity by giving them more visibility and control over assignment management.

Gradebook Assignment Detail

The assignment detail window provides teachers with a detailed look at a specific assignment. It summarizes information about the assignment, student scores, and feedback as well as provides summary graphs and reports of overall student performance on the assignment.

Assignment Overview

The Assignment detail window consolidates the assignment detail and student score detail into a single window. Assignment resources can also be attached directly from this window.

  • Assignment Details
    Enter a description, chose the assignment type, add an assignment description, and set start and due dates. This will provide the assignment summary information visible in the Teacher’s planner, on the lesson calendar, and in the Parent/Student’s assignment planner.
  • Display on Portals
    Teachers decide when to display the assignment to parents and students.
  • Maximum Score & Weight
    Assign the maximum score and weight for the assignment.
  • Include in Calc. Grade
    Teachers can choose whether grades for the assignment should be included in to the calculated grade.
  • Extra Credit
    Teachers can indicate the assignment is for extra credit and scores from the assignment will be added in to the calculated grade.
  • Applies to All Sections
    Teachers can copy the assignment to all class sections as long as the instructor and the course is the same for all sections.

Assignment Scores Detail

The detail for an individual student assignment score is integrated with the assignment detail. This tab allows teachers to manage dropbox submissions, private notes, student feedback, scoring, and assignment notifications per student.

  • Dropbox
    Teachers can open the dropbox per student by clicking the “Expecting” button or open for all students by clicking the “Dropbox” > “Open Dropboxes” buttons. When students submit materials their submission status will be set to received and the submission will be available below the “Feedback for Student” section.
  • Private Note
    Teachers can write notes for themselves about a student’s performance on a particular assignment. This note is private and will not be displayed to parents and students.
  • Student Feedback
    Teachers can send students feedback on their assignments. Feedback notes display on the Class tab in both the student and parent portals. This information may also be queried upon in Axiom using the Find Class Assignment Feedback query on the system homepage.
  • Notification Emails
    Teachers can send email notifications to students, parents, advisors, and/or homeroom teachers. Clicking a notification button will send the email immediately. There are two different email templates used for assignment notifications: internal and external. The internal template is sent to the advisor and homeroom teachers, providing a summary of the assignment. The external template is sent to parents and students, providing a summary of the assignment and a link to the Assignment detail in their portals.

Assignment Graphs

Student Assignment Scores

Plot the scores for each student as an area chart.

  • The larger the area, and the flatter the line, that means the scores were all the same.
  • If there is a steep slope to the curve, this means that there was a significant difference between the high and low scores for the assignment.

Assignment Score vs. PTD Grade

A scatter plot which compares each student’s individual assignment score against their current calculated grade.

  • The red lines on the chart represent the average calculated grade in the class and the average assignment score.
  • Students in the upper right quadrant have a higher than average calculated grade and did better than the average on this assignment.
  • Students in the lower right quadrant have a higher than average calculated grade, but did worse than the average on this assignment.
  • Students in the lower left quadrant have a lower than average calculated grade and did worse than the average on this assignment.
  • Students in the upper left quadrant have a lower than average calculated grade, but did better than the average on this assignment.

Gradebook Assignment List View

Multiple Views

  • View list of assignments grouped and sorted by week.
  • View list of assignments grouped by assignment type.
  • Filter based on assignment types.

Star Assignments

  • Star individual assignments to keep them at a glance.
  • Stars don’t have any explicit, system meaning; teachers can use them for whatever purpose they choose.
  • Stars are not displayed to parents and students; they are private and just for the teacher.

Manual Assignment Display & Score Publishing

Manual Display Assignments

Teachers may decide when to display assignments for parents and students.

  • Displaying an assignment is accomplished by changing the status of the assignment from “Not Displayed” to “Displayed”. This can be done from anywhere assignments are available in the Teacher Portal.
  • Once scores have been given for an assignment, it is not possible to hide it from parents and students.

Manual Score Publishing

Teachers may decide when to publish assignment scores for parents and students.

  • Manual Score publishing only affects the actual Raw Score. The completion status is not controlled by the score publish control. This is primarily because teachers do want to communicate that an assignment was late before they publish the actual scores for the assignment.

Display Options

The ‘Display Options’ window includes options for filtering and sorting the Gradebook. These display options work across both the “scores” and “assignments” tab in the Gradebook.

  • Toggle the Score Display Type from displaying raw scores or percentage scores.
  • Filter assignments based on assignment type.
  • Sort by due dates or assignment types.
  • Change sorting/grouping of assignments on the “Assignments” tab.

Previous Year Assignments

Teachers can copy their data from the previous year to use in the current year class via the Class Migrator Assistant. Viewing old assignment grades and website data is not possible.