Gradebook Icon Legend

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The Gradebook provides a summary of score and assignment details for all the teacher’s students per class. The assignments are listed across the top of the gradebook in date order and each row represents a particular student. Within each cell teachers can track and view assignment and score details specific to the student and assignment. A number of badges are used to help teachers quickly identify the student’s progress with the assignment, feedback/notification information, dropbox submissions, and more.

To learn more information about managing assignments using the Gradebook, click here.



The following is a legend of all badges used in the gradebook to indicate to teachers the information each assignment contains per student.



Completion Statuses
– –Pending
CheckmarkTurned In/Not Graded
NTINot Turned In
NREQNot Required to Complete
NCNo Credit (zero)
97Raw score (black score)
44Percent grade is less than the minimum passing grade (red score)
UnpublishedScoreScore not published

Contains Feedback (see footnote 1 below)
!Notifications to Students, Parents, Advisor, or Homeroom sent

Contains Private Teacher Note
Gradebook Dropbox ExpectingExpecting Dropbox Submission
Received Dropbox SubmissionDropbox Submission Received (see footnote 2 below)


1. The conversation bubble appears any time that some conversation has taken place between teacher and student about this assignment; and the action of uploading a file is part of the conversation.

2. Although similar, this is different from the “Contains Feedback” conversation bubble, because the dropbox can be set to “Expecting” (orange flag) and the student can submit work (green flag) multiple times. In contrast, the existence of any feedback at all will set the “Contains Feedback” conversation bubble.