Grade & Comment Review

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Explore the grade review and comment review process here to streamline this experience.


Grade & Comment Review Process
This article outlines the review process, detailing the workflows for teachers, administrative reviewers and teacher reviewers.
Grade & Comment Review Administration
This article outlines the various tools located on the Grade & Comment Review homepage that are available to administrators to help oversee the grade and comment review process.
Grade & Comment Review Configuration and Management
This article outlines the process for configuring Grade & Comment Review for first time use in a school, and management tasks that must be performed.
We've created our Grade Review configurations, why can't we see the reviews in the faculty portal?
If Grade Review configurations exist, but you can't see anything in the faculty portal, there are a few fields to check before submitting a ticket: Do review records exist? Check the Grade & Comment Review homepage, Pipeline section, t...
If a student transfers classes, why can't the original class teacher see the student's name in the LMS on the Grades & Comments tab?
When a student transfers classes, the date withdrawn value is populated on the class enrollment record for the class they are withdrawing from. When a date withdrawn value is entered on a student's class enrollment record, the system automatic...
Where can teacher keep track of their review progress?
Teachers can track their review progress for each class through the Grade Review tab of the class page in the Faculty portal. This tab displays a summary view of the reviews for each student so teachers can quickly see when further action is re...
What determines the default Grading Period in the faculty portal on the Grades & Comments tab?
The default grading period displayed on the grades & comments tab is determined by the following factors: the grading period assigned to the class on the Curriculum tab of the class record the Active Grading Period When there is a conf...