Google Recommendation Forms for Internal Axiom Use


UPDATE 7/7/20:
As you may be aware, we have recently encountered an issue with rendering Google Form submissions tied to recommendation requests. Google recently made a change to how they render form submissions that is incompatible with our existing functionality. This issue has caused the submission records to intermittently display in Axiom without any of the data that was submitted.

We are no longer able to generate a read-only PDF of Google Form submissions. The implication of this is that the view links we provide in Axiom must now display the live editing view of form submissions, allowing for the direct editing of recommender submissions. We have no way to alter these permissions or prevent Axiom users with access to recommendation forms from directly editing the information submitted by the recommender.

Secondarily, because we can no longer generate PDFs for Google Form submissions, we also cannot print or batch print recommendation forms submitted via Google Forms. All printing of Google Form submissions must now be managed on a one-off basis using the print functionality of your web browser (right-click on the submission page, Print).

Though this change should once again allow you to view recommendation forms submitted via Google, we would encourage your team to read about our newly-released recommendation form functionality and consider moving toward this new functionality for your upcoming admissions season.

In order to support the Teacher Recommendation integration with Google Forms and all the associated functionality, new records, fields, and queries were created. The most notable are:

The Google Recommendation Tab on the Candidate Screen
The Google Recommendation tab on the Candidate detail.

On the Candidate Detail Screen, we’ve added the Google Recommendations tab. On that tab we list each of the Google recommendation forms that have been sent out for that student, to what name and email address they were sent, what checklist item they fulfill, the URL to the recommendation form, and whether or not it has been completed.

Find Teacher Recommendations Query
On the Admissions homepage under the “Other” section, there is a query called “Find Teacher Recommendations”. This will allow the school to search for recommendation forms by teacher, checklist item, candidate, and so on.

Recommendation Form Record
This configuration record is where schools create a primary Recommendation record. This record is where the name of the recommendation is stored, the email template that is used when sending to a recommender and the Google URL to the Google form.

The Recommendation Tab on the Checklist Item Detail Screen
This tab is where schools can access existing recommendation records that are associated and create new ones.