Action Menu

The lightning bolt icon to at the top of the screen. The contextual menu presents different options depending on the current screen.



A year-, time-, and teacher-specific instance of a course (e.g., Biology taught in the third block of the 17-18 school year by Ms. Jones)

class enrollment

The record of a student’s placement in a class (e.g., all class enrollments for a particular class constitute the class roster)


a curriculum of study independent of year offered or teacher (e.g., Biology, Classical Literature, Physical Education)



School Project Manager. This is the primary point of contact between Veracross and the School. This is a multidisciplinary role that requires database knowledge, political ability to manage competing interests between school departments, project management ability to commit to and meet timelines and operational goals, and more -- or, the ability to successfully delegate those tasks and manage them. The SPM is the face of Veracross to all other staff at your school, and is the primary point of contact that works with the Veracross IM (Implementation Manager)



Veracross Implementation Manager. This is the primary point of contact for your school at Veracross. This person leads meetings, directs the implementation, and coordinates Veracross resources. This person relies upon the SPM (School Project Manager) to coordinate resources at your school, and often directs the SPM to know what is coming up and what the SPM should plan for.