Giving History Maintenance

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Giving History records offer a comprehensive summary of giving over time for household and organization records. In order to accurately reflect a household or organization’s giving, Giving History records are created through a number of automated and manual processes.

The majority of Annual Fund Giving History records are created automatically based on a) person information and b) inferences the system is able to make. These inferences are made through information on person relationships, person roles, enrollment history, and more. Giving History records for campaigns other than the Annual Fund are created once a donor has given to the campaign. Even though a donor with one of the roles listed below may not contribute to an Annual Fund campaign for a particular fiscal year, it is still important to capture that information so that the development office can view the complete picture of a donor’s contributions to the school. Therefore, Annual Fund Giving History records are often created for a particular household or organization even if that constituent has not given to the campaign. The blank records allow the system to perform calculations for accurate reporting (i.e. percent participation).

Annual Fund Giving History Criteria

This documentation explains the criteria needed for Annual Fund Giving History records to be created automatically for particular constituents:


  • Parents have legal custody of a current student or have the son/daughter, stepson/stepdaughter relationship.
  • Grandparents are related to the current student through the grandson/granddaughter or step-grandson/step-granddaughter relationship.
  • The student has a current enrollment history record for the campaign’s fiscal year for which the Giving History record is to be created.

Parents of Alum/Grandparents of Alum

  • Parents of alum have legal custody of the alum or have the son/daughter or stepson/stepdaughter relationship.
  • Grandparents of Alum are related to the alum through the grandson/granddaughter or step-grandson/step-granddaughter relationship.
  • The child must have a graduation year on or before the campaign’s fiscal year.

Alum/Former Student

  • The individual has a role of either Alum or Former Student.
  • The individual’s graduation year is on or before the campaign’s fiscal year.

Board/Trustee and Former Board/Trustee Members

  • The individual has the role of either current or former board member or trustee.
  • The campaign’s fiscal year is within the last six years.


  • The individual has the role of Donor.
  • The donor has given in the last three years.

Donor Organizations

  • The organization has a donor or matching corporation role.
  • The organization has given a gift for the campaign. Giving History records are not created preemptively for organizations.

Annual Fund Giving History records are created at the beginning of the fiscal year for each school. If a Giving History record is not created for a particular constituent at that point, but overnight processes will create a Giving History record once the constituent has given a gift. If it is necessary to have a Giving History record for that constituent prior to when he/she has given, the Giving History record will need to be created manually (see below).

Overnight Processes Management

In addition to creating records through the above logic, the system will also scan for any gifts that have been given within the last six years that may not have had an associated Giving History record created. The automatic creation of Giving History records is performed by the nightly processes. The script refreshes all giving amounts, giving statuses, and development classifications on the Giving History record for the active campaign and/or any campaign updated in the last 24 hours. In other words, the script automatically runs if:

  • Today is between the campaign start and end dates.
  • Any gifts were added or updated for the campaign today.

Manual Giving History


It is possible to manually refresh a specific campaign from the campaign’s detail screen. In order to refresh the campaign, navigate to the Admin menu on the detail screen and select the option called “Refresh Campaign Data.”


Giving History records can also be added manually for a particular household or organization as needed. Use the “Add Household Giving History” or “Add Organization Giving History” links under the Other section on the Development homepage. Please note that manual creation of Giving History records should not be a frequent task; the overnight processes should handle the vast majority of records.