Giving History

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It's important to keep track of who has given gifts and when — not to mention, how much money they gave. This section showcases aspects of our giving history that tracks this information and more.


Giving History Overview
Tracking giving per campaign for each household and organization allows detailed historical tracking and comparison across multiple years and campaigns.
Giving History Maintenance
Giving History records offer a comprehensive summary of giving over time for household and organization records. In order to accurately reflect a household or organization’s giving, Giving History records are created through a number of automated and manual processes.
Annual Giving Summary Document
Parents, alumni, and other donating constituents often want to know their exact giving amount on their annual giving for tax purposes. Veracross provides a document that schools may send to donors that details their exact annual giving amount from the previous calendar year.
Why does a household display a Giving History for a campaign with no corresponding gifts listed on the Gift Detail tab?
The giving history is based on the household and displays gift information for anyone who is a member of the household who made a gift to the corresponding campaign. Only hard and soft credit gifts are displayed on the Gift Detail tab.  If...
What is Giving History record in the Development module?
Giving History is a record that contains comprehensive data on giving by a specific donor to a specific campaign —donor in this case meaning either a household or an organization. Tracking giving per campaign for each household and organi...
Does the Annual Giving Summary document include gifts-in-kind?
No, gifts-in-kind are excluded from the Annual Giving Summary. You can learn more about the Annual Giving Summary document by reviewing documentation on the topic . ...