Gift Management

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Explore how Veracross manages gifts as your school receives them and tools associated with this process here.


Acknowledgement Letters
You can generate, edit, and print PDF development acknowledgment letters in Axiom, merging in fields relevant to the particular donations.
Auto-Recurring Donations
Some pledge installments are guaranteed to be paid on-time in a recurring nature, the most common example being payroll deductions. In order to reduce data entry, these pledges can be marked as auto-recurring so the system will create donations automatically on the installment date for the installment amount.
There are many different kinds of donations a school can receive. For any donation there are some standard pieces of information that should always be entered.
Donor Giving Categories
Donor Giving Categories (sometimes referred to as Giving Clubs) are categories defined by the school to identify donors who have given at a particular level.
Foundation & Organization Soft Credits
Many gifts come in from foundations and matching organizations that may cause confusion with development offices on how to handle data entry and reporting.
Gift Batch Entry
You may wish to create gift records (i.e. donations and/or pledges) in batch, rather than adding them one-by-one using the “Add a Donation/Pledge” links.
Making an Online Gift
When donors open the Online Giving Form, from any area in which the school has made the link available, they will be asked the question “How much would you like to give?”
Management of Matching Gifts
As part of the Development module, Veracross offers a matching gifts feature that facilitates the process of relating the individual donor’s gift and the organization’s matching gift.
Pledge Totals
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. Overview There are two different ways to look at the overall status of a pledge.  The first is using calculations which are based on the Pledge Reference Date, and the sec...
A pledge is a promise of money to the school. Enter the following information for new pledges.
Processing Online Gifts
There are multiple ways to process online gifts. This article highlights these options while including helpful details about receiving online gifts and ensuring that they are associated with the correct donors.
Soft Credits
Soft Credits are a way of associating multiple people with a single donation or pledge for which they were not the primary donor.