General Ledger (GL)

Read documentation about the General Ledger (GL) portion of the Business module.


Assigning a Profit & Loss (P&L) Closing Account
During the year end final close process, one of the processes involves rolling the Profit and Loss account balances into Fund Balance accounts, so at the beginning of the new fiscal year, all P&L Accounts will reflect zero balances.
Closing a Year End
Overview Closing Periods within a Fiscal Year are performed via the Create GL Monthly Summaries  link.  The prerequisites to perform a final close are the following: Run the Year-end P&L Closing Accounts  query located in the...
Creating a Recurring Journal Entry
Step-by-Step Find the Journal Entry that you would like to create Recurring JE’s for and navigate to the  General tab. Enter in the number of recurring Journal Entries you would like to create in the Number Recurring JE  field. ...
Generating GL Detail Reports
This article provides documentation on creating, saving, and running General Ledger Trial Balance Detail reports.
Running a Financial Statement
Step-by-Step On the General Ledger homepage, click on Run a Financial Statement Report . Select the desired FINS Report. Select a Fiscal Year. Select an Accounting Period. Click Add GL Financial Report . Choose Generate Report Data  f...
Statement of Functional Expenses
FASB requires not-for-profit institutions to present expenses by nature as well as function, as well as to provide an analysis of expenses showing the relationship between functional and natural classification.