Frequently Asked Questions about Scheduler

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This articles serves to answer commonly asked questions regarding the Veracross Scheduler tool.

1. How do we get the current classes we offer in to the scheduler?

To have classes appear in the scheduler, they need to be added to Veracross in the upcoming school year. Classes tagged with the next school year will automatically appear in the scheduler as soon as they are created in Veracross.

To create classes, you can either manually add classes in Axiom, or copy Classes from this year. Learn more about copying classes. The current teacher will automatically be marked as the primary teacher for next year’s class. If the teacher is changing, you will need to make that adjustment manually. Additional Teachers (set on the Permissions tab of the class) will not appear in the scheduler.

2. How do we add new classes to our schedule for next year?

If a class was not offered this year, or another section of a Course that is currently offered needs to be added, you’ll need to use the “Add a Class” link from the Scheduler homepage. When the class is added, be sure to set the school year for the class to the upcoming school year and also indicate who the primary teacher of the class will be. See the next question for grading period configuration details pertaining to new classes.

3. How do we tell the Scheduler which grading periods a class should meet if it’s a new class this year?

First, make sure you’ve done the steps mentioned in the previous question about adding a new class. After the class has been added, you’ll need to configure the grading periods the class should be scheduled for (i.e. when the class should meet). If a class has no grading periods specified, it will not be scheduled. This step can be completed either in Axiom or the Scheduler – whichever you prefer.

To configure the class grading periods in Axiom, open the Class record and click on the Scheduler Grading Periods tab. Here, you will check off the grading periods the class must meet during. *Note: You’ll need to close and re-open the class screen if you just added a new class in order to see the Scheduler Grading Periods tab in Axiom.

To configure the class grading periods from within the scheduler, go to the Configuration tab, open the Classes Icon, and click in to the class you need to configure. On the class screen, check off the grading periods that the class must meet during.

4. How do we schedule classes for new teachers who aren’t in Veracross yet?

If you know who the teacher will be, but the teacher has not yet been added to Veracross, add the teacher as a person to Veracross and set them as the main teacher for the classes they’re going to be in charge of.

If the teacher isn’t known yet, add a place-holder teacher record in Veracross. Be sure to name the person something that makes it obvious this is not a junk record for anyone who might find them and delete them. Once the place-holder person is in Veracross, set them as the teacher for the classes they will be teaching.

*Important Note: Classes WILL NOT be scheduled if they do not have a teacher.

5. How do we exclude students who are not returning for the next school year from the scheduler?

Students who have an enrollment status of “Not Re-enrolling” are automatically excluded from the scheduler (i.e. students who are graduating).

To exclude individual students for other reasons:

  1. Navigate to the individual Student’s detail screen
  2. Click on the “Profile Codes” tab
  3. Under the “System” category, select the “Exclude from Scheduler” profile code and update