Financial Aid Provided Field

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The “Financial Aid Provided” field allows Development offices to see whether a family is receiving any form of financial aid. It provides only the type of assistance, not any details about amounts, etc. This can be helpful in shaping Development officers’ approach in soliciting certain families.

The field is located in two places:

  • Person detail screen, Development tab
  • Household detail screen, Giving History tab

Field Options

  • N/A: The family is not a current or former student family OR this feature is disabled (see below).
  • Merit Aid Awarded
  • Need-Based Aid Awarded
  • Merit & Need-Based Aid Awarded
  • Prior Year Aid Awarded: No aid in current year, but some aid in a previous year
  • No (Full Pay)


  • This feature requires the current version (v2) of Financial Aid.
  • If a school does NOT want to make this information available to the Development office, they can disable it via the system parameter “Display_Financial_Aid_Summary_in_Development.”