Financial Aid Decision Letters

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Schools have the option to publish Financial Aid decision letters on the Enrollment homepage. Parents are able to access this letter from a link in the Financial Aid component.

Decision letter setup is conducted from the “Letter” tab on the Financial Aid Application record. Select the appropriate decision letter text template from the dropdown menu in the “Decision Letter Template” field. Include any child-specific customized text in the “Award Letter Text” field.

Decision letters are published on the Enrollment portal on a per student basis. From the person enrollment record, select the “Display FA Letter” drop-down option in the “FA Display Status” field — this displays a blue “View Financial Aid Letter” link next to the Financial Aid status. When parents click on this link they are directed to a separate Financial Aid decision letter document.

Financial Aid Decision Letter Merge Fields

Below are the various merge field options available for financial aid decision letters as well as examples for what each merge field value displays. 

Merge Field ValueResult
{{student.first_name}}First Name, e.g. James
{{student.preferred_name}}Nick Name, e.g. Jim
{{student.suffix}}Displays suffix if exists, e.g. “Jr.”, otherwise null
{{student.graduation_year_long}}e.g. 2016
{{student.graduation_year_short}}e.g. ’16
{{student.grade_applying_for}}Value comes from “Grade Level,” not “Description.” e.g. Grade 12
{{student.year_applying_for}}e.g. 2016
{{student.year_applying_for_long}}e.g. 2016-2017
{{student.he_she}}Depending on student’s gender, returns the subjective pronoun
{{student.him_her}}Depending on student’s gender, returns the objective pronoun
{{student.his_her}}Depending on student’s gender, returns the possessive pronoun
{{student.household_address}}Returns the multi-line address (Street, city, state, postal code)
{{student.household_addressee}}Returns the Household Addressee salutation for the student’s household. Usually in the format “resident parents’ titles & full names”
{{student.household_formal_salutation}}Returns the household Formal Salutation for the student’s household. Usually in the format “resident parents’ titles & surnames”
{{student.household_informal_salutation}}Returns the household Informal Salutation for the student’s household. Usually in the format “resident parents’ first names”
{{student.household_informal_salutation_2}}Returns the household Informal Salutation 2 for the student’s household.
{{student.today_full}}Returns today’s date, e.g. “February 12, 2015”
{{award_amounts_table}}A simple two-column table displaying the amounts awarded. Left column is award category; right column is the Amount (usually numeric, but can be text).
{{student.award_letter_text}}The Financial Aid Application Insert Text, which is unique per Application.
{{student.contract_text_insert}}Displays text entered into the contract_text_insert field on the enrollment record
{{student.tuition}}Displays the tuition for student based off of value on FA application.
{{student.net_tuition}}Displays student’s net tuition amount from their enrollment record (for the same school year as the FA application).
{{student.award_total}}Displays the calculated Total Award Amount from the Financial Aid application. This displays in format xxx,xxx.xx and displays with a dollar sign. Note: some award types might not be included in the total. Verify your award types configuration.
{{student.total_parental_contribution}}Will display the value entered in the Parental Contribution field on the Financial Aid Application detail screen, Financial Details tab.