Financial Aid

Learn about how Veracross handles the idea of financial aid with its own module here.


Financial Aid Overview
The Veracross Financial Aid module can assist schools in tracking all financial aid information related to their applicants and their current students. The module is designed to track a family’s request for Financial Aid from application to award.
Financial Aid Configuration
The Financial Aid module is primarily a records-based process. Financial Aid Applications are added per candidate or current student as needed. Therefore, minimal configuration is required by the school in order to effectively use the module.
Financial Aid Process Management
The Financial Aid process in Veracross consists of about seven phases. The term phases is used instead of steps or stages to imply a fluid state to the process flow. Each school manages their Financial Aid process slightly differently.
Financial Aid Decision Letters
Schools have the option to publish the Financial Aid decision letter on the Enrollment homepage. Parents are able to access this letter from a link in the Financial Aid component.
How do I connect a financial aid category with a fee type?
In order for your financial aid category to show on an ORE/OE contract as a line item in the amounts section, it needs to be tied to a fee type. To connect these two items, perform the following steps:  Beginning from the Financial Aid h...
Can we have more than one financial aid text template?
Yes! Additional financial aid text templates can be added on the Financial Aid homepage from the "+Add" button in the upper right corner of the screen. A financial aid officer can then specify which template should be used when vi...
How can I control what years are selectable as options?
What years are selectable as options in various drop-down menus throughout Veracrosss are usually associated with what years are currently enabled in your database. To check on this, navigate to the Years query on the System homepage . To e...
I ran the “Copy Current Student FA Applications” procedure, but it said only a few (or zero) records were affected. Why weren’t all students’ FA applications copied?
The “Copy Current Student FA Applications” procedures only copy FA applications that have an Application Status of “Accepted.” The intended workflow is that most or all Financial Aid applications are eventually updat...
How can I add a new "Scholarship Type"?
The "Scholarship Type" field is found on Scholarships in the Financial Aid module and is used to categorize these records. Only the Veracross engineering team can add these types, so, if you are interested in adding new scholarship typ...
What does the "Financial Aid Display Status" field on an Enrollment record control?
If a Financial Aid section exists on the  Enrollment Portal home screen, this field controls certain aspects of how that section displays during the enrollment process. This drop-down has 4 options: Disabled  causes the Financial ...