Field Properties and Style Adjustment from the Query Results Page

You can adjust the field properties and style of a column directly from the query results page by performing the following steps:

  1. Click on the Grid Column menu for the column you'd like to adjust.
  2. Select the Field Properties... option.

The field properties and style adjustment panel appears after clicking the Field Properties... option in the Grid Column menu and can be closed by clicking the "Close Panel" arrow to the left of the Properties and Style tabs at the top of the menu.

The field properties for the selected column can be adjusted on the right side of the screen, much like on the Query Design screen. After you've adjusted the field properties and style to your liking, click the Run Query button to apply the changes to the query.

Several changes can be made on this screen without re-running the query, including adjusting the:

  • Override Description
  • Background Color
  • Column Width
  • Memo Height
  • Highlight Options