Fee and Discount Configuration

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Schools should discuss Fees and Discounts with their Account Manager when completing the questionnaire. Complex configuration of fees and discounts may be subject to extra cost.


Schools may require an additional fee, such as a Late Fee or a Registration Fee, to be automatically added to a registrant’s total amount when they complete registration.

In order for these additional fees to be included in Online Program Registration, they must be based on predefined logic. For example, all registrants who complete registration after May 1st receive a $50 late fee.

If fees are to be automatically applied, the school should add text in the form headers to communicate these fees to the registrant. Any fees applied will be seen on the Registration Review page before the user submits the registration.


School may allow discounts for Online Program Registration so that an amount or percentage will be deducted from a registrant’s total cost when they complete registration. Veracross supports two kind of discounts Automated Discounts and Discount Codes.

Automated Discounts

Automated Discounts can be set up if any discounts are to be automatically applied to a registrant’s total amount. For example if the school provides a Staff/Faculty discount, the discount will be automatically applied if a staff or faculty member is registering for classes. These discounts must be based on predefined logic. Any discounts automatically applied will be seen on the Registration Review page before the registrant submits the registration (see screenshot below).

Discount Codes

Schools Using Veracross Accounting or Student Billing

If the school has accounting and would like to use discount codes, each discount code will need to be setup as a catalog item. Schools will need to create a catalog item for each discount code with the Abbreviation on the catalog item as the discount code text that will be distributed to the program registrant. For example, Early Bird.

If the amount is a numeric value schools will need to set the Credit Item flag and set the Unit of Measure to Course. The Rate 1 should be configured to be the amount discounted. For example, if it is a $100 discount, 100 should be entered in the Rate 1 field.

If the amount is a percentage then schools should enter the percentage amount in the Rate 1 field and set the Percentage Item flag. For example, if it is a 15% discount, 15 would be entered in Rate 1 with the Percentage Item flag checked. Additionally, the "Credit Item" field must be set to YES.

The non-discount catalog items also need to be flagged as “Eligible for Discount” in order for discounts to apply against those fees.  Discounts only apply against the sum of Eligible For Discount fees to allow finer control over discounts. For example, a percentage discount could only apply to tuition on the class and not the late fees assessed.

Schools should contact their Account Manager to review this set up.

Schools Not Using Veracross Accounting or Student Billing

Schools should speak with their Account Manager to have the discounts configured by a VC Engineer.

Max Discounts

Schools will need to set the “Max Discounts” field on the Program Registration Form to indicate how many discounts a single registrant can use. If multiple discount codes are allowed, percentage discounts are applied first in order of descending value and then whole-value cash discounts are applied. For example -40%, -10%, -$50.

Please note: Multiple discount codes can be used by registrants if separated by a semicolon.

When discount codes are entered and validated, they will show as being applied on the Registration Review page as well as on the Fee Summary page to show the program total with discounts deducted.