Portals: Faculty

Webinar: The Veracross Learning Management System (LMS)

09/09/2019David Kopchick
The Veracross Learning Management System (LMS), comprised largely of the gradebook and class websites, enables teachers to keep a detailed record of grades and create engaging content that can be used year-to-year. In this webinar, learn ...

Webinar: By the Numbers: Set Up Your Gradebook for Success

09/09/2019David Kopchick
Correctly setting up the gradebook has implications beyond what the teacher sees. In this webinar, we give some thought to assignment types, weighting, and statuses so your teachers can make the most use of the Veracross gradebook. ...

Webinar: Crafting Your Faculty Portal: A Conversation with St. Joseph School

09/09/2019Ian Drummond
In this webinar recording, we talk about using the faculty portal to communicate with and empower your teachers. Co-presented with Veracross by Lisa Mansoori, Director of Communications, St. Joseph School. ...