Faculty Daily Schedule

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The Daily Faculty Schedule feature displays all of a faculty member’s schedule data for a particular day, unifying potentially disparate information about schedules and assignments for classes, events, meetings, and more in a single view. Two tabs are available — Faculty Schedule and School Schedule — and the current event is indicated with red “Now” text. Many interface elements are linked to detail screens, e.g., assignments and group events

Data Sources

Faculty Schedule Tab

The “Faculty Schedule” tab displays several kinds of data:

  • The top blue banner displays all-school events including no-school days, make-up days, schoolwide early dismissals, and, additionally, their own master attendance if absent (if the school tracks faculty attendance)
  • The main portion displays the faculty member’s schedule for the day, including their classes, events for groups of which they are a member (including times), parent-teacher conference slots (with times)
  • Assignments for their classes which are listed on the day they are assigned (if applicable) and due.

School Schedule Tab

The “School Schedule” tab displays several kinds of data:

  • Events that are included in the staff/faculty calendar, e.g., administrative meetings and games
  • Universal scheduling blocks, e.g., lunch, morning meetings, etc.

Adding to the Teacher Portal

To make the Faculty Daily Schedule available to teachers, add a portal component (e.g., a button or banner) to the Teacher Portal with the system screen link {system:faculty_daily_schedule}. There are no configuration options available for the system screen.