If I run the "Send Welcome Emails" procedures, will this send a welcome email to users that have already received one?

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If you need to send out multiple rounds of welcome emails, it's only natural to worry that you may be unintentionally spamming some unsuspecting parent's email inbox with multiple welcome emails. Well, fear not! Anyone that receives a welcome email through the "Send VC Welcome Email" procedure has a "VC Welcome Email Sent" event automatically added to their record.

The VC Welcome Email Sent event was added on 2/24/17. Sarah has not received a welcome email since this date!

 The Send Welcome Emails procedures ignore any individuals that already have this individual event on their record. If you opt to send welcome emails through Composer instead of using the procedures, you should manually create a "VC Welcome Email Sent" event for them — you can learn how to do this here.