Extra Credit Assignments

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There are three ways a teacher can enter extra credit points in Veracross:

  1. Extra credit points can be added to an existing assignment grade.
  2. Extra credit assignments can be created.
  3. Extra credit points can be awarded to the final grading period grade.

Add Extra Credit to an Existing Assignment Grade

  • Take the existing score for the assignment and add the extra credit points to the assignment’s regular points.
  • Enter the final sum in the Raw Score field of a student assignment record.
  • If a student is to earn more points on an assignment then it is worth (i.e. the Raw Score field has a higher value than the Max Score field), Veracross will automatically calculate that assignment grade as being above 100%.

Add an Extra Credit Assignment

  • Specify an assignment as extra credit by selecting the Extra Credit checkbox on the assignment record.
  • If this box is selected, the assignment status for each student defaults to “Not Required to Complete.”
  • All grading logic remains the same regardless of whether this box is selected. Selecting this box does NOT change how the assignment is factored into the overall grade.

Add Extra Credit to the Final Grading Period Grade

  • At the end of the grading period (e.g. quarter, semester, trimester, etc.), use the calculated grade field as a baseline and add the extra credit points to that score.
  • Place the final value in the Posted Grade field (Grade P). This will override the calculated grade given to that student.

    Note: If a teacher enters a different grade than the calculated grade into the posted grade field, this will be overwritten upon running the Post Grades procedure. In this case, the teacher may want to lock those grade records after changing them. This will prevent the posted grade from being overwritten.