Exporting Data from Rediker


Instructions for full exports from Rediker (as reported in May 2010):

1.  Open Rediker’s Administrator’s Plus and choose the School Year that you’d like to export from.

2.  Close all open windows and then select “Excel Wizard” from the Tools menu.

3.  Select “Complete Data” from the menu.

4.  For each tab (Student, Staff, Transcript, DB Fields) remove all fields from the right column and then re-add all fields from the left column to the right column.  This will include all fields in numerical order.

5.  When done adding all fields for all tabs to the right column, press the Next button.

6.  Wait.  And Wait.  Depending on how much data you have, this export can take up to 30 minutes.  Eventually, Excel will open with the file.  Save it and upload this file to Veracross.

Some files for historical years are approximately 50MB – 60MB for each year.