Exam Calendar

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The purpose of the exam calendar, available on the Teacher Portal, is to show assignments that students have across all their classes so that teachers can plan their exams around the students’ workloads. Schools can configure for each school level which assignments display on the calendar; some may want to only show exams, and others may want to show quizzes, classwork, etc., to show a fuller picture of student work.

Classes Displayed

The exam calendar displays assignments for any classes within the school level of the teacher who is logged in. For example, upper school teachers will see other US classes. If teachers have classes in more than one division, they will see classes from both divisions.

Assignment Types Displayed

Assignments appear on the exam calendar on the date they are due. Determine which assignments display using the Assignment Types query on the System homepage. Each school can choose which Assignment Types should display on the Exam Calendar by division.

Assignment Color Coding

The color of the assignment that appears on the exam calendar is determined based on whether the teacher has students who are also in the class in which the assignment was given.

  • Red assignments: you (the teacher who is logged in) gave the assignment.
  • Blue assignments: the assignment was given by a teacher in a different class to students that you also teach and have an assignment that is due to you.
  • Black assignments: the assignment was given by a teacher in a different class to students that you also teach that owe an assignment in another class (no overlap with my assignments).
  • Gray assignments: the assignment was given by a teacher in your division, but none of your students were assigned it.


When hovering over a record in the exam calendar, what displays is governed by the following logic:

  • If there are five or fewer students in the class and the teacher teaches the class, the tolltip will display the students in the class.
  • If the above is not true, the tooltip will display the assignment’s description.


In addition to color coding assignments to see potential overlap, the count next to each of these assignments displays how many students are in the class where the particular assignment is assigned.


Exam calendar assignments are sorted by:

  • Link style/color (red, bold blue, black, grey in that order)
  • Description (alphanumeric). The description is derived from the Class ID, assignment type abbreviation, and the number of student assignments.

The assignment displays according to due date, not assigned date.