Entry Date and Exit Date Fields

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Entry Date

The Entry Date is the first day that the student attended the school as a student. This is automatically populated if the student is enrolled, does not have an Entry date, and the first day of school is “today”. It can also be entered manually in the case of a mid-year enrollment. Read more about mid-year enrollments here.

Exit Date

The Exit Date is the last date that the student is enrolled in the school. If an exit date is entered that is either “today” or in the past, the student will be withdrawn from the school and the following will occur immediately:

  • The exit date will be propagated to all of the student’s class enrollment records for the current school year that do not currently have a date withdrawn, thus withdrawing them from the class.
  • The role of “Student” will be removed (only if exit date is before the last day of school).
  • The role of “Former Student” will be added (only if exit date is before the last day of school).

Regardless of whether or not the exit date is in the past, a “Student Withdrew” event will be created for the person.

Note: When an exit date exists on a person’s record, their enrollment status will be immediately affected. If the exit date is in the future, their enrollment status will be “Withdrawing”; if the exit date is in the past, it will be “Withdrawn”.

Changing or Removing an Exit Date

When an exit date is changed, the “Student Withdrew” event date will be updated to reflect the new exit date.
If the exit date is in the past 8 weeks, the associated “Student Withdrew” record will be deleted. See more about withdrawing a student here.