Entity Event Import Type

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The Veracross Data Importer allows schools to import entity events, which are associated with particular persons, households, or organizations. Note that entity events are often referred to as individual events in Axiom (and thus distinguished from group events). This particular import type is powerful because entity events are used in many different areas of the system. This article covers the fields needed in the CSV import.

Example Use Cases

  • Development moves and notes from a legacy system might be imported.
  • Group events can easily have their attendees lists (guests) imported.
  • The “Welcome Email Sent” events can be inserted into the database proactively to avoid sending unwanted welcome emails

Preparing the Data for Import

Prepare a comma separated value (CSV) file containing data for the fields listed below. This CSV file must contain all of the required columns in the order listed below, even if no content is populated in the non-required columns. Upload the CSV using the Data Importer.

Fields on the Import Type Template

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required to have data.

All three columns must be present in the CSV column headers, but for any given row in the template, there must be one and only one ID value provided: person_id, household_id, or organization_id. Including a value in more than one column will cause an error. The person, household, or organization must already exist in Veracross. The ID can be found on a Find Person, Find Household, or Find Organization query.
event_date*Standard date formats accepted: yyyy-MM-dd, mm/dd/yy, mm-dd-yy, mm-dd-yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy
entity_event_type_ID*Requires the integer value for “entity_event_type_id”. Run the Individual Event Types query on System homepage to find the IDs.
subjectDepending on the event type, it will often be appropriate to provide a subject line, which functions much like an override description of the individual event.
assigned_to_person_idSome events will have next-action workflows, and “assigned to person” can be specified in the import. Use Veracross Person ID for this field. The person must already exist in Veracross.
event_classification_idSome events will be classified, and this classification can be specified in the import. To find the Event Classifiction ID, run an “Individual Event Classifications” query on the System homepage.
notesSupply any notes for the event. This is the primary content field for most event types and workflows.
start_time12-hr (2:15 PM) and 24-hr (14:15) time formats accepted.
group_event_idEntity events form the basis of Group Event invitation workflows, development appeals, etc. If these individual events are to be associated with a group event, then supply the Group Event ID value for the associated group event. Find that ID value by running a Find Group Events query.
attendance_status_idDefaults to “Invited.” Requires the ID for the attendance status. They are:

0: Invited
1: Confirmed
2: Declined
3: Attended
4: Did not Attend

entity_event_statusCan be either id or entity event status:
  • 0: Pending
  • 10: In-Progress
  • 20: Closed

 If left blank, the status will default to "Pending".

tagSupply a text tag if desired for organizational, reporting, or workflow purposes. Limited to 30 characters.
follow_up_person_idSome events will have follow-up workflows, and “follow up person” can be specified in the import. Run a Find Person query to find the Person ID. The person must already exist in Veracross.
follow_up_dateStandard date formats accepted: yyyy-MM-dd, mm/dd/yy, mm-dd-yy, mm-dd-yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy
follow_up_completeBinary field. For yes, enter a 1. For no, enter a 0.
follow_up_notesSupply any follow-up notes.
campaign_idIf this import is being used to import Development “Moves” or other individual events, the campaign those events are associated with may be specified. The campaign_id requires an integer which may be identified using the Campaigns query in Axiom.
development_stage_idIf this import is being used to import Development “Moves” or other individual events, the donor’s Stage may be specified. The development_stage_id requires an integer, which may be identified using the Stages query in Axiom.