Entering a One-Time AP Vendor

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Sometimes you will have an invoice for a vendor that you do not plan on using again.  In cases such as this, you can use our One-Time Vendor functionality. Instead of setting up a Vendor record, for one you will not use again, you should set up or use an existing, One-Time Vendor Vendor record.  The advantage of using a one-time vendor is that you have fewer separate vendors, while allowing individual invoices for this vendor to each have their own name and address.   You should only have one One-Time Vendor vendor record at a time and it must be set up prior to an invoice being entered for that one-time vendor. 

An exception is if you choose to set up a One-Time Vendor record for each cost center, or for each AP administrator. 

When you are ready to print and post AP checks, remember that when payments are made to the invoices of a one-time vendor, each invoice generates its own check.  How to Add an AP Invoice for a One-Time Vendor

Step-by-Step to Create a "Reusable" One-Time Vendor

  1. On the Accounts Payable home page, click Add a Vendor.

    2.  The only required field is the Organization's name.  There is no need to enter a Vendor Address for a "One-Time Vendor".

    3.  Toggle the “One-Time Vendor” field to “Yes”.

      4.  Click Add Vendor.