Entering AR Payments

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Create a Cash Receipt Batch

  1. On the AR Workflow Hompage, under the Accounts Receivable section, click on the Add a Receipt Batch link.
  2. Enter a User Ref Number, if desired.
  3. Enter a Deposit Date. This should represent the day the monies were deposited into the bank account.
  4. Enter a Cash GL Account. This should reflect the GL account to be debited as a result of this deposit.
  5. Enter a Batch Total ($ amount). Please enter a manually calculated total of all receipts incorporated in this batch. The system will auto-calculate a separate total based upon the receipts you link to this batch.  The system will require that these two totals match exactly prior to posting.
  6. Click “Add Cash Receipt Batch”

Apply Payments to an AR Invoice

On the Accounts Receivable homepage, run the Comprehensive Unpaid Invoice Rpt.

For each check/payment in your possession, do the following:

  1. Locate the invoice associated with the household or student to which payment should be applied.
  2. Open desired AR Invoice by clicking directly on the Invoice #.
  3. Click on the “Receiving” tab of the invoice
  4. Enter a Check Number
  5. Enter “Tentative Receipt Date”.   This date should reflect the date the school received the payment.
  6. Enter a Payment Amount in the “Payment/Deposit Total” field.
  7. Enter the “Cash Rec. Batch” number, created in the process above.
  8. Toggle “Receipt in Full?” to Yes.
  9. Click Update.
  10. Repeat steps #1-9 until all payments have been applied to invoices.

Validate AR Receipts

  1. On the Accounts Receivable homepage, run the Unposted AR Receipts report.  (Note: if there several Cash Receipt Batches that are “unposted”, you may want to specify a specific Cash Receipt Batch as criteria for you report so that it presents only payments/receipts associated with that batch)
  2. Review the results.
  3. Click on the “Cash Receipt Batch Number” to open the detail display for that batch.  Confirm that the “Mismatch Amount” equals 0.00.
  4. When it’s confirmed that all looks good, these AR Receipts can be posted.
  5. Click the Action Menu on the Cash Receipt Batch, and select “Post Receipts”.
    1. You should note that the Journal Entry created as a result of this process is presented on the display.  Click directly on the JE Ref # to drill-into the journal entry itself.  Review the Journal Entry items and the associated GL Detail for completeness and accuracy.