Enrollment Status Troubleshooting

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A number of different scenarios could occur that would cause a student or future student to have an enrollment status of N/A. This article is designed to help the troubleshooting process when this enrollment status issue arises. Below are some of the most common reasons that this could occur.

Discrepancy Between Admissions and Enrollment Data

In almost every case, the reason for a future student to have the N/A enrollment status is a discrepancy in the Grade Applying For on the Enrollment record and the Application record. To access each of these records, start from a Person record:

Application Record

  1. Click the Admissions tab.
  2. Click the Application ID link in the Application column of the data grid. The View Detail link goes to the Admissions detail screen, not the Application record.
  3. On the Application detail screen, note or update (if needed) the Grade Applying Forfield in the Applicant section.

Enrollment Detail

  1. Click the Enrollment tab.
  2. Click “View Detail” in the data grid next to the year in question.
  3. On the Enrollment detail screen, note or update (if needed) the Grade Level field in the General section.

If these values are different, this is one of the reasons the N/A enrollment status is present. While Grade Applying For is the most common mismatched value in these situations, several others are also worth checking (e.g., Current Grade, Resident Status Applying For, etc.) that will also cause this status to occur. Matching these up and then checking and un-checking several items on the Enrollment Checklist will cause the enrollment status to re-calculate. If this is the only issue with this student, the enrollment status will now properly display what stage of enrollment they are in.