Enrollment Intention Form

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Enrollment contracts often depend on parent enrollment-related intentions for their children. The Enrollment Intentions Form enables parents to specify these contract-affecting intentions before opening their contracts. Capturing this data before a parent views their contract ensures that correct contract amounts and enrollment profiles are presented on the contract. This form often represents a parent’s first step in the online re-enrollment process.

The most common enrollment intention options included on this form are:

  • Grade applying for (defaults to current grade + 1)
  • Student group applying for
  • Campus (multi-campus schools only)
  • Resident Status applying for (boarding schools only)

These enrollment intentions can have an effect on the contract amount presented to the parents and therefore is important information to capture early in the enrollment process.

After the parent completes the Enrollment Intentions Form, they will be redirected automatically to the Enrollment Portal homepage.

OE/ORE Homepage Display

The enrollment intention section will be hidden on the ORE/OE homepage if no one in the family has a checklist item with System Type “Enrollment Intention” or “Financial Aid Intention Indicated” for the active enrollment year.

If one or more family members has at least one of those checklist items, the enrollment intention section will appear. Once on the enrollment intention form, it will only display content for the individual family members that have those checklist items.

*Note: To manage this effectively, schools should make sure the configuration is setup correctly on the Enrollment Checklist Query:

  • Check the Applies to/from grades parameter
  • Check resident status
  • Make sure the “Enrollment types” are correctly set

Form Fields

There are number of fields that can be included on this form. It is up to the school how much information they would like to collect from their parents during this initial step. The important thing to note about the Enrollment Intentions Form is that there are several enrollment checklist items that are associated with the fields on the form. This means that when parents enter information on this form, other checklist items on their enrollment landing page will update as well. Certain system enrollment checklist items update as well. The following is an explanation of each field and (if applicable) the associated checklist items that are updated when this form is filled out.

Grade, Campus, Resident Status, and Student Group Applying For

Four separate fields in which a parent indicate what grade, campus, resident status, or student group their child is apply for. Grade, campus, and resident status will be filled in automatically when a parent opens the Enrollment Intention form, but may be updated if different for this school year. Parents can also take this opportunity to indicate if their child is applying for a student group. These fields have a direct correlation to the contract amounts and enrollment profile that appears on the contract.

Note: The field Campus should not be included on the intention form for new enrollment. This data must be captured prior to the enrollment process: during the Application process. Including this field during the new enrollment phase may lock a family out if they try to change campus.

Requesting Financial Aid

Note: This only applies to schools who are tracking financial aid information using Veracross.

The Requesting Financial Aid field expresses Financial Aid intention for each child (i.e. Requested or Not-Requested). When the parent selects an option the read-only Financial Aid checklist item on the ORE landing page will complete automatically with their specified intention.

Indicating a requests for financial aid creates a financial aid application record if one does not exist already. Schools can view requests for financial aid using the “Find Financial Aid Applications” query located under the Financial Aid section on the Online Enrollment homepage in Axiom.

Schools may optionally add two Financial Aid related system checklist items to help manage the workflow for financial aid requests. When a parent indicates their financial aid request, the system checklist items update accordingly.

  • Financial Aid Intention Indicated
    The Financial Aid Intention Indicated system checklist item indicates that a request for Financial Aid has been made for this student. When a parent selects the “Yes” option on the Enrollment Intention form, this checklist item is marked completed.
  • Financial Aid Complete
    When a parent requests financial aid through the Enrollment Intentions form, the Financial Aid Checklist system checklist item will be marked as required to complete. If the checklist item has also been marked “Contract Pre-Req” this will lock parents from editing the contract until requirements for requesting financial aid is submitted and finalized.
  • If you are interested in enabling the Enrollment Intentions Form as part of your ORE process, contact your Account Manager to have the form configured. Once it is set up, schools can edit information text for the checklist item through the Online Enrollment Config/Online Re-Enrollment Config > Home Tab > Enrollment Intentions Form detail screen.