Enrollment Contract and Access Overview

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The enrollment contract is the document by which parents and/or guardians agree to all the terms and conditions necessary to re-enrolling for the next school year. This document usually consists of a title, information about the re-enrolling student, summary of charges, the enrollment agreement text, and parent/guardian electronic signatures.

Contract Configuration Options

ORE Contracts can be composed of an arbitrary number of smart-text elements along with up to six system elements. The system elements are as follows:

  1. Student Information: such as name, grade entering, student group, student ID, etc.
  2. Table of Tuition, Fees, and Deposit
  3. Payment Plans: plan description and interface for parents to choose their plan
  4. Payment Method: method description and interface for parents to choose their payment method
  5. Opt-in services with associated fees (Optional Extras): Service description and interface for parents to opt in and out
  6. Electronic Signatures

In addition to these system elements, schools may add an arbitrary number of smart-text elements to the contract. “Smart-text” are text-data merges that can include student information, fee information, and due dates (full description here). In most cases, schools just insert a few smart-text elements, such as contract terms and dates.

“Electronic signatures” are products of a logged-in parent or guardian clicking a button representing their agreement to the document. The system will present these “signatures” as full names along with the time-stamp of the parent/guardian’s agreement on the PDF document.

Contract Configuration

The Veracross team will create an initial version of your school’s ORE contract. You may make text and title tweaks using the Edit Contract link on the Online Enrollment Configuration detail located under Configuration on the ORE homepage.

Contract Amendments

There are some cases where parents and schools decide changes need to be made to the contract after it has been finalized. For example, the parents originally opted out of tuition refund insurance, but later decided they would like to add it. In the event that a change needs to be made after the contract has been signed, the school can add an amendment to the contract to track the change without requiring that the family start the contract from the beginning. Amendments are advantageous to both the school and to the family, because the amendment allows the initial contract selections to be preserved while simultaneously representing a change that happened after the contract was signed.

To add an amendment to a contract:

  1. Navigate to the “Amendments” tab on the Person Enrollment detail screen.
  2. Select the “Add New Amendment” icon  in the taskbar.
  3. A New Enrollment Contract Amendment detail screen will appear. By default the amendment status is set to draft, which means that it will not be visible to parents until the status is switched to published.
  4. Enter the details of the contract amendment in the “Content” field.
  5. When the amendment is added, each parent required to sign the new amendment (based on the settings on the “Access” tab) will populate in the input grid.
  6. Once the new contract information has been reviewed, change the status to published so the amendment will be reflected on the parents’ contract.Please note that once an amendment has been published, the school cannot change it without deleting the amendment and adding a new one. Publishing the amendment will add a new section on the contract just under the original signature so that the parents can log in and sign again.

Contracts and Enrollment Access

Basic enrollment access should be done at the person-relationship level; however, nuanced signature access should be managed on the enrollment record. 

The Access tab on an Enrollment record.

Relationship-Level Access Settings

Any person can have one of the following access levels relative to any enrollee’s online enrollment:

  • No Access: Cannot see anything when they log into the (re-)enrollment portal.
  • Read Only: Sees all information on the portal (including contracts) but cannot change anything on the contract or on policies.
  • Read Only + Pay: Same as read-only, but has the “Pay” button active.
  • Contract Signer: Can change things on the contract and can sign the contract (and policies, so long as policy access requirements have also been met). To add someone to the signer list, simply change their relationship-based access to match the other signers: they should all be either “Standard” or “Standard + signature required”.

These options are configured on the relationship records displayed via grid on an Online Enrollment record’s Access tab, using the Online Enrollment Access column.

Enrollment-Level Access Configurations

There are two “signer” options on an Enrollment Record. They are:

  • One Signature Required: Only one signer must sign for the contract to complete the contract.
  • All Signatures Required: All signers must sign for the contract to complete.

These options are configured via the Signature Requirement field on an Enrollment Record’s Access tab. Updating this field triggers updates on the relationship level. “One Signature Required” sets all signers to “Standard.” “All Signatures Required” sets all signers to “Standard + signature required.”

There’s also a special report under Online Enrollment > Launch Prep called “Signature Requirement Report” that can be used to batch update all signer’s signature requirements across multiple enrollment records.

Note: This only calibrates access among folks already registered as signers (Standard or Standard + signature required). It will not promote anyone to signer status. Therefore, the correct workflow for upgrading someone from having non-signer access to having signer level access is:

  1. Change their relationship access so it matches the Online Enrollment Access of the other signer(s).
  2. Update the Signature Requirement field on the enrollment to match the desired configuration.

Batch Creating Signer Access

In order to establish baseline signer access in batch, use the “Identify Enrollments with No Signer Access” procedure from the Action menu on the Online Enrollment homepage. Running this procedure will update the Signature Requirement field to “No Signers Configured Yet” on any enrollment and re-enrollment records with no signers assigned. In order to view anyone with that value in the Signature Requirement field, run the Signature Requirement Report query on the lower right hand side of the Online Enrollment homepage under the Launch Prep header. Depending on either the school’s preferences or the family situation, the field can be updated to either One Signature Required or All Signatures Required for each person.

Contract Complete Email

The “Contract Complete Email” is sent to students who have all of the required signatures on the online contract. This email is sent out in real time.
Learn more about Online (Re)Enrollment Confirmation Emails.