Enrollment Configuration & Management

Like admissions, enrollment configuration and management are closely tied. Learn about these topics here.


Online Re-Enrollment Tune-Up Quick Start Guide
If you have been through at least one season of online re-enrollment (ORE) with Veracross, this article will help you "tune up" your processes as you get ready for a fresh enrollment season.
VC Pay Tuition Management Tune-Up Quick Start Guide
This article will help you "tune up" your VC Pay Tuition Management processes for a fresh enrollment season if you have been through at least one season of Online Re-Enrollment with Veracross.
Enrollment Status Definitions
This article describes how the enrollment status field is calculated. It is often based on the student’s “grade applying for” and “year applying for,” so it is important for these fields to be correct for each student.
Configuring Leave of Absence for Students
When to Use Leave of Absence Schools should use Leave of Absence when they have a student who will be away for part or all of a school year and is returning without the need to reapply. Examples of when Leave of Absence might be used is medical lea...
Enrollment Capacity Planning for Rolling Admissions
Overview Many admissions offices practice rolling admissions in which they accept, enroll, and potentially withdraw students throughout the year. As a result, the total enrollment number for a school year can fluctuate. To manage enrollment capacit...
Enrollment Status Troubleshooting
Overview A number of different scenarios could occur that would cause a student or future student to have an enrollment status of N/A. This article is designed to help the troubleshooting process when this enrollment status issue arises. Below are...
Entry Date and Exit Date Fields
Entry Date The Entry Date is the first day that the student attended the school as a student. This is automatically populated if the student is enrolled, does not have an Entry date, and the first day of school is “today”. It can also b...
Managing Admissions, Enrollment, and Re-Enrollment Exceptions
The purpose of this documentation is to explore the various workflows Veracross suggests for managing Admissions and Enrollment process exceptions.
Managing Student Enrollment
Overview Veracross enrollment is the process that occurs after an admissions-application has been accepted by the Admissions department. The enrollment process starts once an application is accepted and ends once the applicant either a) completes t...
Mid-Year Enrollment
In many cases, a student may have enrolled at the school at a date after the beginning of the school year. In these cases, Veracross stores the mid-year enroll information in a couple of different ways, which in turn makes it possible to easily access a list of students who did not start school on the first day in any given school year.
School Policy Configuration
School policies represent any non-contractual agreements, permissions, or stated intention between a school and students/parents.