Enrollment Capacity Planning for Rolling Admissions

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Many admissions offices practice rolling admissions in which they accept, enroll, and potentially withdraw students throughout the year. As a result, the total enrollment number for a school year can fluctuate. To manage enrollment capacity planning more effectively and avoid over-capacity or under-capacity situations, Veracross tracks a school’s enrollment on a daily basis, creating one record per calendar day per grade level/campus/resident status. These records drive a number of reports available on the Admissions homepage designed to help Admissions offices receive a daily snap shot of their current enrollment numbers.

There are two key concepts to Enrollment Capacity reporting:

  1. Confirmed Enrollment is based on the date enrolled and the date withdrawn of current students and future students.
  2. Potential Enrollment is based on confirmed enrollment plus accepted applicants with a date enrolled. Accepted applicants may still have a pending Enrollment Decision.

Queries & Reports

In most cases, the enrollment capacity reports will only be available for schools that practice rolling admissions. The complete list of enrollment capacity queries and reports are as follows:

Available to all Schools

Find Daily Enrollment
This query can be found on the Admissions homepage under the General > Other section. It displays a list by school level and grade level of all recent enrollment activity on or after today’s date, including confirmed enrollments, students enrolling, students withdrawing, potential enrollments, applicants enrolling, last year enrollment, and also activity over the last three years.

The Total Capacity field is configured using the Admission Goals report.

Enrollment by Day
From the Find Daily Enrollment query, specific enrollment information can be viewed for each grade level by clicking any Grade Level, opening the Grade Level detail screen. The Enrollment by Day tab displays the total confirmed enrollment and potential enrollment by day and grading period.

The Confirmed Enrollment vs Total Capacity and Potential Enrollment vs. Total Capacity fields represent a Capacity Factor metric that can be used to measure the relative over or under enrollment for a particular grade level. A positive number indicates over-enrollment over time. A negative number indicates under-enrollment over time.

Available to Rolling Admission Schools Only

RollingAdmReportsRolling Admission reports are available under the Today > Mid-Year Enrollment/Withdrawals section on the Admissions homepage.

If your school does rolling admissions and this section is not available, talk with your account manager about enabling it.

Data from the Enrollment capacity planning reports is calculated based on the entry date and exit date on student, future student, and applicant records. To calculate capacity reporting by grade level, add goal numbers via the Admissions Goals report on the Admissions homepage. Goals allow calculated fields such as “Confirmed Enrollment vs. Total Capacity” to display forecasting data for enrollment. Help text defining how data in each field is calculated is available for each report below.

Enrollment by Grade Level
EnrollmentCapacitybyGradeLevelThe Enrollment by Grade Level report displays confirmed enrollment, potential enrollment, and prior year enrollment by grade level. It also provides helpful max enrollment and capacity data so users can easily view whether maximum enrollment has been reached or exceeded current capacity. This is a forward-looking report, displaying data from today and in the future in order to help schools make decisions about admissions acceptances, based on current and projected enrollment numbers.

Enrollment Hotspots
The Enrollment Hotspots report displays areas in which enrollment (confirmed and potential) exceeds capacity by 5% or more over a period of at least 14 days. As with other Rolling Admission reports, click into the Grade Level detail link to view specifics on the enrollment numbers by day.

Students Enrolling Mid-Year
The Students Enrolling Mid-Year report displays a list of all students who have enrolled outside of the normal admission year. For each student who has enrolled mid-year, the report generates the “Total Potential Enrollment at Entry Date” so schools can easily view the current capacity.

Students Withdrawing Mid-Year
Similarly, the Students Withdrawing Mid-Year report displays a list of all students who have withdrawn within the middle of the school year. This report also calculates total potential enrollment at the withdraw date for each withdrawing student.
Potential Applicants Enrolling Mid-Year
The “Potential Applicants Enrolling Mid-Year” report displays a list of all applicants who have not finalized enrollment and calculates the total potential enrollment should that applicant fully enroll at the school.

Setting up Rolling Admission Reports

To enable these reports for Rolling Admission schools, contact your account manager. In order for the reports to function properly, the following information must be in the database or included on student/applicant records:

  1. Total enrollment capacity goal per grade level. This information is updated/populated from the Goals by Grade Level report on the lower right side of the Admissions homepage.
  2. Any know entry dates and/or exit dates for students, future students, and applicants.
  3. Refreshed enrollment numbers. Use the “Refresh Daily Enrollment” menu item on the Admissions menu to refresh the Daily Enrollment information.