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Learn about enrolling students in classes, along with the exceptions that may occur, here!


Class Enrollment Levels
The “Enrollment Level” field on the Enrollment record allows different students to take the same class with different levels of credit.
Class Enrollment Manager
The Veracross Class Enrollment Manager is a tool for managing changes to an individual student’s schedule at any point during the year. View a student’s current schedule (both list and PDF), add or drop classes for a student, or withdraw a student from classes they are currently taking.
Classes, Schedules & Rosters
This article provides an overview of the four tiers of Veracross academics; how to add subjects, courses, and classes; configuration options; how to enroll students; and the class enrollment record.
Enrolling by Homeroom or Student Group
There are two distinct ways of enrolling students in classes — one is to enroll them by their homerooms, and the other is to enroll them by student groups. This article discusses and lays out processes for both methods.
Late Enrolls/Withdraws from Classes
Here is the new version of this article in the Veracross Community. How to Withdraw a Student from a Class On a student’s enrollment record or from his/her schedule all tab, populate the date withdrawn field. When this date arrives, the...
Transferring Students Between Classes
Veracross has the ability to transfer assignment grades if moving between two classes with the same course and teacher (i.e., a section transfer).
Withdrawing a Student from the School
When a new student decides to not to come to your school, or a returning student decides to leave the school, they must be withdrawn. This article covers how to withdraw a student in different situations.