Employment Module Overview

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The Veracross Employment module combines all aspects of employee management into one central location. Key features include general human resource management (demographic information, contract and compensation data, etc.), hiring management, leave tracking, and more. Schools are able to grant access to the primary employment management areas through a robust set of security roles.

Note: this is an extra cost module. Contact your Account Manager if you are interested in purchasing this module.

Key Features

Enhanced Faculty/Staff Person Records

The Employment module adds additional tabs on the faculty and staff person records. Employment related tabs include: expanded HR tab, Time Off, CE (continuing education), and Sub (substitute). These additional tabs allow schools to track demographic information specifically related to faculty and staff employee history. School HR departments may easily access the HR tab from the “Find Fac/Staff” query located on the Employment homepage.

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Hiring Management

Included with the Employment module is an online job application that schools can make available on their website. Schools can work with their Account Manager to configure the application. In general, the online application includes sections on employment history, education, certifications, and an input section for references. This online application functions similarly to the admissions application, allowing prospective job applicants to apply online to a job at the school and all subsequent records created in this system automatically when the application is submitted. Reports such as “Interviews to be Scheduled” and “References Needing Action,” available on the Employment homepage, enable HR to manage the applicant’s progress through the hiring process.

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Continuing Education

Continuing education may be tracked as both a record of a continuing education event or certificate attended/earned, or as a request for continuing education. All continuing education data added will update the fields and input grid on the CE tab on the faculty/staff person record. Reports such as “CE Request Awaiting Approval” and “CE Activities Awaiting Completion” also help schools keep track of each faculty/staff member who has submitted a CE request or not yet completed a requirement.

The Employment module also offers opportunity for credits (CEU – continuing education units) to be tracked per continuing education record. Schools can make CE requirements and track a faculty/staff members units earned from attending/completing the requirement.

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Leave Tracking

Leave tracking encompasses all aspects of a faculty/staff member’s absence from school. This includes submitting requests for time off, recording faculty/staff master attendance, calculating time off balances, substitute tracking, and more. Faculty and staff records are equipped with a Time Off tab that tracks the time taken per category. The tab displays both the time remaining in a particular category and the time already taken. This data calculates automatically as time off is requested.

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Schools may assign staff members a number of employment related security roles to help control access to various employment related data such as compensation information, employee applications, and time-off management. See more information on managing security access to employment data.