Emergency Support During Non-Business Hours

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In some cases it is critical that clients contact Veracross immediately to resolve a problem.  During Veracross’ normal business hours, clients can contact Veracross directly by submitting a ticket to the Client Portal or by reaching out to their assigned account manager by phone or email.

Normal Business Hours for Veracross:
Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET

In some cases, Veracross may need to be contacted by schools outside of normal business hours, especially for schools outside of the USA where there is sometimes little overlap with Veracross’ business hours.  For these cases, we have set up a hotline with a person on-call to respond to critical items as they may arise.  It is very important, however, that this hotline be used sparingly and only for genuine emergencies that are critical and time-sensitive in nature.

Clients can also check the Veracross status page at any time to see if there have been reported systemwide issues, and subscribe to email notifications as the status page is updated. 

Emergency Guidelines

The following items are the valid reasons to use the emergency line:

  • The Veracross system is not operating at all.  The system is down.
  • Portals are unavailable.
  • All documents are completely unavailable and you need them before Veracross business hours.
  • Email is completely unavailable.

Anything not on the above list is generally not considered an emergency. If you contact the emergency line for something not on the above list, you may be asked at our discretion to wait until normal business hours for a resolution.

What Client Should Do Prior to Making Emergency Contact

  • Troubleshoot to the best of your ability.
  • If data is different than what you are expecting, remember to examine the audit log to see who made the change and when.
  • Confirm there are no problems with the local internet connection.
  • Verify that multiple computers exhibit the problem.  If the problem does not occur with all computers, the issue is likely a local one and not with Veracross.
  • Check with local Veracross contact to see if the problem is already being addressed.

Emergency Contact Procedure

In general, only the school's primary contact should contact Veracross during emergencies.  However, this may not always be possible.  To contact Veracross outside of normal Veracross business hours (which include holidays observed by Veracross), send an email as follows:

Email:  emergency@veracross.com

Provide Information On:

  • A link to the ticket you have opened in our support portal.
  • Nature of the Problem. Be as specific as possible and provide screen-shots and/or detailed error codes. Be sure to tell specify the problem you are seeing, why that is a problem, and what you are expecting to see/experience instead.
  • When the problem started and possible causes
  • Who to follow up with and their contact information

This email will trigger an alert to the Veracross account manager or engineer on-call via their cell phone.  They will then log in, read the full email, and begin addressing the problem. In case additional follow-up is needed to troubleshoot the issue, it is critical that the contact person at the school remain available after contacting the emergency line. 

If a client contacts Veracross outside of normal Veracross business hours for non-emergencies (as outlined in the guidelines above), then the client may be billed for the emergency service call.