Emergency Profile Document

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The Emergency Profile Document provides staff and administrators the ability to see and print an overview of a student’s basic health data, including commonly-needed information such as:

  • Basic biographical and demographic data
  • Allergies, medications, and medical conditions
  • Health insurance carrier, doctor, etc.
  • Household and emergency contact information

The form is intended to be a 1-2-page summary with the most critical information about a student’s health, though it is configurable to be more exhaustive. It has a variety of potential uses, including:

  • Printing physical copies and/or creating PDFs for teachers to bring on field trips.
  • Printing physical copies to send home with students for parents to update at the beginning of the year (but note that families can also update their health information via the Parent Portal).
  • Printing physical copies to have on hand in the office.


The following security roles are configured to be able to access this document from within Axiom:

Division Head_0,1,2,3; Staff_1,2,3,4; Faculty_1,2,3;  Medical_1,2;  Admissions_1,2;  Development_1,2;  Business_1;  Guidance_1; Registrar; Coach;  Employment;  Head_of_School;  Board


To configure the document, in Axiom navigate to the Documents homepage, then click “Emergency Profile Document” in the “Configured Documents” area.

The data displayed are pulled from the Health Module and Person Detail, and are updated there.

Most sections of the Emergency Profile Document may be turned on and off. Set the value to "1" to enable and "0" to disable each section. The system will automatically hide non-relevant information, e.g., non-boarding schools will not display a student’s resident status. Alerts, as well as the student’s name, photo, basic contact info, and grade level always display at the top of the document.

Sections that may be turned on or off are:

  • Medical Overview
  • Allergies, Medications, and Medical Note
  • Medical Providers and Hospital
  • Medical Insurance
  • Household and Parents
  • Boarding Information
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Medical Conditions
  • Medical Immunizations
  • Medications
  • School Policies
  • Custom Text
  • Dental Insurance

Form Components

Each section of the document pulls information from different areas of the system, but mostly from the Patient detail record in the Health Module. Information is not updated from the Emergency Profile Document itself.

Left Sidebar

Emergency Profile Doc

Listed on the left sidebar, starting at the top are:

  • Basic info. Contains photo, contact info, basic medical information, including physical exam expiration date. Students who are up to date will display a date in the future, and an overdue date would be highlighted. Other data are pulled from the person and patient detail records.
  • Allergies, Medication, and Medical Notes. Pulled from the patient detail record. Allergies and symptoms are automatically highlighted.
  • Permissions. Permissions to treat, transport, and authorize emergency procedures. Pulled from the person medical record.
  • Medical Providers and Hospital. The Doctor information displays anyone from the Emergency Contacts tab on the Patient detail page with a “healthcare” relationship.” Similarly, the Hospital will display any “healthcare” relationship from the Organizations tab on the Student detail page. Insurance is pulled from the general Patient detail.
  • Medical Insurance. Displays critical medical insurance information.
  • Dental Insurance. Displays critical dental insurance information separately.

Alerts and Academic Information


Both the Medical Alert and Family Alert are pulled from Emergency Contacts tab on the Patient detail page. They do not display if there are no data available from the record. This is also where any specified custom text would display.

The demographic information will only display if there is information recorded for the particular student, and the Homeroom Teacher would toggle with Advisor, depending on the student. The information is pulled from the student’s class enrollment record in which they are enrolled in either an Advisory or Homeroom class.

Household Info


The Resident Household is automatically assigned by Veracross to be where the student physically lives, and the head of household of that location is listed, along with his or her spouse. The Non-Resident Household displays the address, head of household, and spouse for anyone who is a father, mother, step-father, step-mother, guardian or someone with legal custody of the student with a different address.

This information can be found on the Related People tab on the Person detail page.

Resident Status


If a student is in a dorm and his or her Resident Status is “Boarding,” then resident info such as dorm, floor, room number, and more will pull from the Dorm detail screen. Boarding Notes pull from the Boarding tab on the Student detail page.

Emergency Contacts


Emergency contacts are pulled from the Emergency Contacts tab on the Health detail screen who have the “Emergency” flag checked. Medical providers, parents, and step-parents are excluded (as they would display elsewhere on the Emergency Profile Document). Phone numbers are listed, as well as whether the contact has pick-up and medical authority, both of which are flags in the Emergency Contacts tab on the Health detail screen.

Learn more about Emergency Contacts.

Medical Conditions


Medical conditions are pulled from the Medication Conditions tab of the Patient detail screen. Any condition flagged “Critical” is highlighted.

Learn more about Student Medical Conditions.



Immunization information is pulled from the Immunizations tab on the Patient detail screen.

Learn more about Student Immunization.



Medications are pulled from the Medications tab on the Patient detail screen. Any medication flagged “Critical” is highlighted. Medications Allowed are pulled from the Medications Allowed tab on the Patient detail screen, and the selection of medications available is configurable there.

Learn more about Student Medications.

School Policies


Configured school policies will display here. They are pulled from the School Policies tab on the Student detail screen. There is a flag on a Student Policy record called “Display on Emergency Profile.”