Emergency Contacts


Veracross supports tracking emergency contacts for Students. Students may have many emergency contacts. Parents and medical providers are designated automatically as such, and schools can add as many additional emergency contacts as needed, e.g., neighbors, friends, or other family members. Emergency contacts are available in several places throughout Veracross:

  • in Axiom: on the Emergency tab of the student detail screen, and in the Emergency Profile Document
  • in the Parent Portal: available through the Household Profile Update (HPU)
  • in the Teacher Portal: accessed from the Student Profile window in the Gradebook

In Axiom

On the Emergency Tab of the Student Detail Screen

Emergency contacts can be viewed, added, and edited. Navigate to the Emergency tab of a Student detail screen. Parents/guardians with custody will automatically display as emergency contacts, as will any medical providers. Note that adding new records in this tab will create a new person record; if you wish to designate an existing person as an emergency contact, use the Related People tab, instead.

To add an emergency contact:

  1. Click “Add Record.”
  2. Enter the contact’s name or click the magnifying glass icon  to search for or add a person. If they exist, their contact information will be pulled into the this screen.
  3. Required: Check “Emergency Contact.”
  4. Optional: Select the other check boxes as needed, and the relationship from the drop down.
    1. Relationship. Many options are available.
    2. Resident: Check if the student lives with this person.
    3. Pick Up: Check if this person has authority to pick up the student from school.
    4. Medical Authorization: Check if the person has authority to approve medical care.
  5. Click “Update.”

Click the red “x” to remove a contact, followed by the “Update” button.

On the Emergency Profile Document

The Emergency Profile Document provides staff and administrators the ability to see and print an overview of a student’s basic health data, including emergency contacts. Access it from the Emergency tab of the Student detail screen.

Learn more about the Emergency Profile Document.

In the Parent Portal

Parents can view and update emergency contacts (including medical providers) for their children on their Parent Portal, using the Household Profile Update (HPU).

Once logged in, they can click either the “My Family” link at the top of the screen or the “Update My Household Profile” portal link. Learn more about the HPU.

In the Teacher Portal

Teachers can view students’ emergency contact information in the Teacher Portal. The Student Profile is a small pop-up window that is found by clicking on a student’s name in a class roster. It contains contact information about students and their parents, as well as emergency, medical, attendance, and class schedule information.

The “Medical” section of the Student Profile contains essential information from the Emergency tab of the Student detail screen: allergies/symptoms, current medications, blood type, medical notes, special custody provisions, whether custody papers are required, the student’s medical insurer, and medical ID. Allergies appear in red font so as to catch the eye.

The “Emergency Contacts” section only contains the people on the student’s record who are marked as either an emergency contact OR marked as authorized to pick-up the student.

Learn more about the Student Profile.