Email Templates for Online Event Registration

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Email templates highlighted in the System Email Templates query on the System homepage.

You are able to configure the system email templates for online event registration to customize it to your liking. To find these templates, click on the System Email Templates link in the System Configuration section of the System homepage and click on one of the two available options for event registration email templates:

  • Event_Registration_Internal_Notification
  • Event_Registration_External_Notification

To learn more about configuring system email templates, read our documentation here.

 Types of Event Registration Email Templates

There are key differences between the two available email templates for event registration.

Example of an  online event registration email template.

External Notification

The external notification email is sent as a confirmation to the user who signed up using event registration.

Internal Notification

The internal notification email is sent when someone has submitted a new event registration and the Notification Recipient Email field is populated on the Registration Form Event record.

Note: The BCC and CC fields on the internal notification email template is not supported and should not be used.

Available Merge Fields

The following merge fields are supported for External templates:

  • {first_name}
  • {last_name}
  • {summary_html}
  • {confirmation_email_text}

The following merge fields are supported for Internal templates:

  • {first_name}
  • {last_name}
  • {event_description}
  • {event_date}
  • {event_time}
  • {submission_es2_link}
  • {question_summary_link}
  • {event_attendance_es2_link}
  • {phone_number}